Rotass Wholesale 16 Gram Threaded CO2 Cartridges

Contains 16g carbon dioxide

99.95% purity, food grade for beer

Use with CO2 compatible mini pumps to get back on the bike quickly

100% recyclable steel cartridges

Strong and durable, fast and convenient

Non-refillable cartridges

Product Description


Available in both threaded and non-threaded CO2 cartridges to work with different inflators or CO2-powered tools.

1000,000 Tonnes per Year

As a CO2 gas manufacture, our carbon dioxide are backed by an annual output of 1.1 million tonnes. This extraordinary production capacity ensures a steady and reliable supply, meeting the demands of consumers and businesses alike.

FSSC Certified

Our gas are certified under the globally recognized FSSC 22000 standard. This certification guarantees that our manufacturing processes meet the strictest food safety requirements.

Trusted Global Partnerships

We have cultivated strong partnerships with renowned corporations in the beverage industry, such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and TsingTao, reinforcing our commitment to excellence and product integrity.

Indispensable for cyclists, this 10-pack of CO2 cartridges, each containing 16 grams of high-quality carbon dioxide, is threaded to seamlessly fit compatible devices. Designed for swift tire inflation during emergencies, these cartridges are a must-have for any cyclist seeking a quick fix on the go. With their user-friendly design, they’re easy to use and store, ensuring hassle-free handling during critical moments. Unlike some competitors, we avoid placing paper labels on our CO2 cartridges to prevent potential sticking when inserted into an inflator insulation sleeve. Crafted from 100% recyclable steel, these non-refillable chargers are eco-friendly and versatile, suitable for use with a variety of CO2-powered tools.

Excellent Value – 16g CO2 canisters made of 100% recyclable steel, filled with 99.95% compressed carbon dioxide gas.

FAQ and Contact

Can I Get a Sample?

You can get empty cartridges as the sample. The MOQ of filled cartridges is 1 20ft container since the gas product is defined as dangerous goods.

Do You Have Non Threaded Cartridges?

Certainly, just contact our sales and tell them your detailed requirements.

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