Rotass Brand Catalogue

Established in Dec 2021 by Tonghui Gas Group, Rotass mainly supplies food-grade N2O, CO2, and related accessories. The stability of product supply and the strict quality management makes us a competitive new entrant to the market.

Rotass Cream Chargers

Rotass cream chargers are available for several kinds of steel or aluminum cylinders containing from 8 gram up to 2000 gram food grade N2O gas for different applications. The compressed gas are tested 99.95% purity with international certifications, perfect for foaming, catering, bartending, baking use.

Rotass Accessories

Including cream whippers and soda siphons, and regulators, our accessories come in a variety of sizes and stylish looks for every kitchen, bar, hotel, or office. Easy-handling for better matching our food-grade gas usage.

Tonghui Specialty Gases

Tonghui Gas Group was established in 2007. Our business covers the R&D, production and sale of food/industrial grade liquid carbon dioxide, food grade carbon dioxide filling vial, dry ice, high-purity carbon dioxide, electronic grade nitrous oxide, electronic grade special gases and relevant products. Our products are widely used in the market of semiconductor, LED, LCD and PV.