The Best Guide to Choose a CO2 Carbonator

As you know, a CO2 cylinder that is equipped with food-grade carbon dioxide can be used to make soda drinks such as Cola, and cocktails. Thus, some people also call it CO2 Carbonator.

What is a CO2 Cylinder?

A CO2 cylinder is a CO2 gas cylinder, which is applicable for soda water makers. For example, an 8g CO2 cylinder can make at least 1 liter of sparkling water, which is about 3 cans.

What size CO2 cylinder can you get from Rotass?

As one of the top suppliers of carbon dioxide gas in China, Rotass has always made it our goal to offer you CO2 -filled cylinders at cheap factory prices. To provide outstanding quality CO2 and guarantee our clients’ safety, all CO2 cylinders undergo a thorough testing process. We mainly offer you 0.6L food-grade CO2-filled cylinder. Here are the product parameters in the following:

1. The CO2 gas weight in the cylinder is 415G.

2. The purity of the Rotass 0.6L CO2 cylinder is >99.9%.

3. The box quantity is 1 pcs/box.

4. The CO2 cylinder adopts a recyclable design with aluminum materials. It can be recycled after it uses up. Thus, please confirm that it has been pierced with shallow oxygen before discarding. This CO2 cylinder is energy-saving and environmental protection.

Rotass 0.6L CO2 cylinder

How to make beverages with the Rotass CO2 cylinder?

1. Make sparkling vodka water with the CO2 cylinder

Material: 45ML vodka, a little fructose, and a CO2 cylinder.


Take a glass and put an appropriate amount of ice cubes.

Put vodka and fructose in a glass.

Pour sparkling water. At this step, a CO2 cylinder is used to make fresh water sparkling water.

Add a slice of lemon to taste.

2. Make a Lemon bubble drink with the CO2 cylinder

Materials: lemon juice, honey, a few fresh lemon slices, a little ice, and a CO2 cylinder.


Take a glass and put in some ice cubes.

Stir the lemon and honey evenly.

Add to the sparkling water glass. The sparkling water is made by using a CO2 cylinder.

Add a little lemon slice to taste.

Lemon bubble drink by using the CO2 cylinder

3. Bubble special black tea with the CO2 cylinder

Materials: black tea, fructose, lemon slices, ice cubes, and a CO2 cylinder.


Take a glass and put an appropriate amount of ice cubes

Put the black tea fructose into the glass and stir evenly

Add sparkling water which is produced by a CO2 cylinder.

Add a little Ningming tablet to the water glass to enhance the taste.

4. Pure original soda water with the CO2 cylinder

Materials: Purified water, ice cubes, and a CO2 cylinder.


Take a glass and put an appropriate amount of ice cubes

Inject pure water into carbon dioxide gas in the CO2 cylinder and add ice cubes.

Safety Precautions of the Rotass CO2 cylinder

1. Keep the valve upright and safely away from any source of heat. Always store the CO2 cylinder in a continuously cool place to avoid direct sunlight.

2. Do not cut, puncture, and incinerate the bottle, or use external force to open the bottle valve.

3. Do not store the cylinder in places where children can reach them easily.

4. In case of gas leakage, please keep the ventilation and disperse carbon dioxide gas.

5. If the gas leaks to form solid white ice, do not touch it with your hands to avoid frostbite.