Rotass 580g/615g Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Whipped Cream Chargers

  • Nozzle included to fully release the gas for disposal
  • Filled with 580g/615g Food Grade (E942) N2O, 99.95% purity
  • Completely disposable/recyclable steel canister
  • High-quality coating to prevent rust
  • Free of chemical taste or industrial aftertaste
  • Easy to use with an optional Rotass pressure regulator

Gas Volume:

  • 580g
  • 615g
  • 640g


  • Filled with the purest-quality, food-grade nitrous oxide gas.
  • Available in 580g/615g capacity with a 50ml volume difference to best satisfy your culinary creativity.
  • CE/ISO/FDA/REACH certified.
  • All N2O chargers are 100% recyclable steel and 100% quality tested.
  • Every cylinder comes with a pressure-release nozzle.
  • Best choice for professional kitchens and can be used to make a variety of professional seasonings, whipped cream, yogurt, soups, cocktails, desserts,, and more.


Rotass cream chargers canister makes flavors pop, without the unpleasant undertones of chemicals and preservatives found in mass-produced, canned alternatives, team up with the dispensers to make culinary foams, mousses, infused drinks, cocktails, and so much more!

We can offer canisters in sizes to best suit your needs. You can better experiment and create dishes with freshly whipped cream and flavor-infused liquor over and over again.



Nitrous Oxide is approved for use as a food additive (also known as E942), specifically as an aerosol spray propellant. Nitrous Oxide is extremely soluble in fatty compounds, including cream and other substances used for cooking. In a cream dispenser, the gas is dissolved in the substance, and until the dispenser is used the substance inside remains in its liquid state. Once the cream dispenser is used and the substance reaches the air (when the Nitrous Oxide gas merges with oxygen), a chemical reaction takes place which transforms the substance into foamy or a much more volumized substance enhanced with flavor.

Yes, if your application requires a larger quantity of Nitrous Oxide. We also have 2.2L/3.3L volume canisters with more N2O filled for your option. Contact our sales team for more details.

Yes, as a manufacturer, we can provide OEM brand and packing service.


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