Rotass Wholesale 8g Whip Cream Chargers – 10 Pack

Contains 8 gram E942 Nitrous Oxide (N2O) gas for culinary use

Universal fitting for cream whippers

No leaks and chemical residue

100% recyclable steel canister

Zinc coating to prevent rusting

Certified by FDA, CE, and REACH

Made from own factory for complete quality control

Available in 10pk, 24pk, and 50pk

Each charger is designed for a maximum quantity of 500ml whipping cream


Product Description

Whip with perfection

the ultimate choice for culinary enthusiasts seeking high-purity gases with up to 99.95% purity.

400,000,000 Pieces per Year

As one of the largest N2O gas manufacturers in China, Rotass guarantees reliable gas quality and stable supply with an impressive annual output of 400 million pieces.

Commitment to Quality

Certified according to the strict program and requirements of FDA, REACH, and CE for food-grade nitrous oxide.

95% In-House Production

In addition to the N2O gas production, we also produce cream charger canisters and achieve approximately 95% self-sufficiency, enabling meticulous quality control, quick supplements, and improved turnover rates for distributors.

As one of China’s premier gas manufacturers, Rotass boasts a daily output capacity of 1,000,000 units, with an impressive 95% in-house production rate. Our comprehensive cream charger manufacturing process covers every aspect of cream charger production, from shaping, washing, and cleaning cartridges to gas filling sourced from our subsidiary, Tonghui Kefa Gas, and cartridge processing, including logo printing. Rotass maintains full control over each step, ensuring unparalleled product quality and cost efficiency.

When paired with compatible cream dispensers, Rotass whip cream canisters produce the softest foam, perfect for whipping velvety creams, creating mousses, sauces, and enhancing beverages with additional flavor and decoration.

For more information about Rotass cream chargers, watch our video introduction here.

Safety Cautions

Contains nitrous oxide (E942) gas under high pressure

Use the chargers and cream dispensers according to the instructions on the dispensers

Do not inhale. Incorrect usage may be hazardous to your health

For food use only as a food additive

Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of sunlight or heat

Do not store or operate above 50℃(120℉)

Keep out of reach of children

FAQ and Contact

What is the minimum ordering quantity?

Normally, we start with 1 pallet if we have warehouses or distributors in designated country.

Can you custom the brand?

Yes, the MOQ of OEM is 1 20ft container, which contains 650 thousand pieces of cream chargers approx.

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