Rotass Bestselling Wholesale 0.95L N2O Cylinder – 640g Cream Chargers

Filled with 640g E942 food-grade 99.95% purity nitrous oxide

Applicable to all standard cream dispensers

No leakage, no oil nor chemical residue

100% recyclable carbon steel canister

Certified by FDA, CE, and REACH

Each cylinder comes with one free silent nozzle for gas release

Most popular size on the market

10,000 fills per day for sufficient supplement

Product Description

Enhanced Gas Capacity

The Rotass 0.95L N2O cylinder is expertly filled with 640g of nitrous oxide gas, surpassing the industry standard of 580g.

Direct Sourcing

We source N2O gas directly from our subsidiary, Tonghui Kefa Gas, ensuring a reliable supply chain.

Impressive Production Capacity

With the capability to produce 60,000 tonnes annually and fill 30,000 cylinders per day, we offer consistent and high-volume supply.

OEM Customization

Our product stands out due to its flexibility in offering OEM options. We understand that every customer has unique requirements, and our OEM capabilities allow us to tailor the cylinder to meet those specific needs, ensuring desired results for various applications.

Introducing our highly acclaimed 0.95L (640g) steel cylinder, the pinnacle of market popularity and reliability. Renowned as the preferred choice among consumers, this cylinder embodies excellence in both performance and supply assurance.

At Rotass, we pride ourselves on meeting market demands with unparalleled efficiency. With a capacity to fill up to 10,000 cylinders per day, we ensure seamless product availability, consistently meeting the needs of our valued customers.

The 0.95L steel cylinder stands as a testament to Rotass’s commitment to excellence. Crafted with precision and quality materials, it offers unmatched durability and performance, making it the preferred choice for professionals.

Safety Cautions

Contain compressed nitrous oxide

Use a pressure regulator to release gas into cream whippers

Store in a cool, dry location, shielded from direct sunlight or excessive heat

Do not inhale

Culinary purposes as a food additive

Prevent exposure to temperatures surpassing 50℃ (120℉)

Keep them out of reach of children

FAQ and Contact

What is the MOQ of this product?

You can place orders for this product in either boxes of 6 pieces or pallets from our warehouses or authorized distributors.

How do you custom the brand?

You have the freedom to personalize your brand in various aspects, including cylinder color, labels, packaging, and even flavors.

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