Rotass Stainless Steel 500ml Whipped Cream Dispenser

Food grade material with a durable design

Easy cleaning with smooth workmanship

Made from 100 % recyclable steel

Compatible with all standard cream charger

Package including 3 tips, 1 cleaning brush, 1 charger holder

Product Description


Crafted of premium aluminum/stainless, the whipped cream dispenser has a beautiful appearance. Sturdy and tough, perfectly able to withstand years of use.


A versatile tool for creating mousses, ice creams, butter, and fluffy scrambled eggs. It’s great for injecting cream, custard, or infusing fruit with alcohol.

Multiple Nozzles

Create any number of designs to top fruits, cakes, and beverages with a homemade fluffy whip. This dispenser includes 3 plastic/ stainless nozzles, granting you an endless amount of options. An exciting collection of interesting recipes is included.

Food Grade

Carefully designed with food-grade material, any delicacy prepared in this cream whipper is chemical-free and safe for consumption. The dispenser is freezer and fridge safe for early prep and convenient storage.

Designed with meticulous craftsmanship, Rotass cream whipper epitomizes quality and sophistication. Its smooth, refined surface not only exudes elegance but also ensures effortless cleaning after each use. Experience unparalleled whipping efficiency as this cream dispenser effortlessly transforms cream into rich, velvety foam. Whether you’re creating delicate desserts or luxurious beverages, the Rotass 500ml Stainless Steel Cream Whipper guarantees exceptional results every time, elevating your culinary creations to new heights of perfection.

More Options

1Grey, Pink, Sky blue ,green, purple, yellow, red, blue, silver, white, blackaluminium alloy body + plastic lid + plastic nozzle1000ml/500ml/250ml8*8*210.8kg
2silver, black , red, bluealuminium alloy body +aluminium alloy lid + plastic nozzle500ml/250ml8*8*210.8kg
3White, silver, black , red,aluminium alloy body +aluminium alloy lid + plastic nozzle + rubber band500ml8*8*210.8kg
4Black, Red, Blue,Silveraluminium alloy body + aluminium alloy lid + stainless nozzle500ml8*8*210.8kg
5Sky blue Yellow,Green, Pink, Silver, Red, Blackaluminium alloy body + aluminium alloy lid + stainless nozzle+rubber band500ml8*8*210.8kg
6Silver,Green,Yellow,Pink, Red,blue,silverstainless body + Stainless lid + stainless nozzle (rubber band)500ml/1000ml8*8*210.8kg

FAQ and Contact

What is the MOQ of whipped cream dispenser?

We don’t have any MOQ requirement on whipped cream dispensers, you can get any amount of cream whippers. Because of the shipping method, the more you buy, the lower price you will get.

Is cream charger included in the whipped cream dispenser set?

Unfortunately, this cream whipper set doesn’t include the cream charger. If you have any requirements on it, kindly contact our server for more details on cream chargers.

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