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Basic Statement of Carbonated Water Maker – You Must Know

In recent years, DIY has become popular for everything, and mass-produced products cannot satisfy everyone’s pursuit of health and individuality. As a result, something called a carbonated water maker gradually entered the family. With the carbonated water machine, you can make an ice-cold carbonated drink at home.

What is a carbonated water maker?

A soda carbonation machine is a machine that makes soda water. According to Wikipedia, soda water is also called carbonated water, sparkling water, etc. Thus, the soda machine can be called a carbonated water maker, carbonated water machine, carbonation machine, water carbonator machine, and sparkling water machine.

The principle of the soda carbonation machine is also simple, which is to inject food-grade carbon dioxide into the water using high pressure. The operation is simpler, put the CO2 cylinder into the machine, fill the soda bottle with water and put it into the carbonated water machine, and then press the switch to get carbonated water or carbonated beverage.

Of course, the principle of the carbonated water maker is the same. In terms of structure and function, the water carbonator machine still has different classifications.


Not all carbonated water makers can aerate the juice directly.

To be more precise, most soda carbonation machines do not support the direct filling of beverages other than plain water. If there is a need to directly inject gas into strong drinks such as fruit juice, tea, and cocktails, you must buy a specific model. Because the solubility of carbon dioxide in concentrated liquids (including tea, cola, alcohol, water with syrup or fruit, etc.) is different from that in plain water. If a machine is designed to aerate white water, and you use other beverages, it may cause excessive carbon dioxide to be insoluble, making the pressure in the bottle too high. In addition, the liquid may be flushed back into the carbonated water machine and cause the carbonator machine to be dirty and damaged, and the liquid might squirt when you unscrew the soda bottle.


Carbon dioxide storage and replenishment issues

The most common way to store carbon dioxide is using a cylinder, which is called a CO2 cylinder. Most soda carbonation machine uses CO2 cylinders, which have a larger capacity. The carbonated water machine will give a prompt for the amount of carbon dioxide used each time. Some carbonated water machines can control the amount of gas injected by themselves. Of course, at this time, the machine will also have control over the maximum amount of gas injected. After the carbon dioxide in the cylinder is used up, you can buy a new cylinder directly, or add carbon dioxide to the original cylinder. Rotass provides a refillable CO2 cylinder filled with 415g carbon dioxide, and CO2 cartridges filled with 8g carbon dioxide, which is suitable for most soda makers on the market.

Why use a carbonated water maker?

You can just create exclusive soda water anytime, anywhere by using a carbonated water machine. If you want to drink, you can make a cup with the carbonation machine. If you want to drink something different, you can mix and create it yourself with the carbonation machine. Moreover, many soda carbonation machines are small and easy to carry and do not need to be powered on to use. You can take it to show your skills when you go out for a picnic or to a party with friends.

Don’t dilute the original drinks, let them turn into soda directly on the spot. Soda water mixed with fruit juice must be mainly fruit juice, the carbon dioxide content in it will not be too high, and it will not have that refreshing taste at all. At this time, a soda carbonation machine that can directly aerate the juice can meet this demand.

Using a soda carbonation machine to make your drinks can control the additional intake of those additives (such as phosphoric acid, preservatives, etc.) to a certain extent.

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Rotass carbonated water maker -Best sparkling water maker

The appearance of the water carbonator machine is good, and the operation is also very convenient. Both the carbon dioxide gas cylinder and the soda water bottle have been specially designed to make the installation easier. The carbonated water maker supports 0.6L size CO2 cylinders, filled with 360g to 415g CO2 which can carbonate 60L water. The Rotass carbonated water maker is black, white, and red, and can be customized to your brand requirement. Because the soda carbonation machine involves high-pressure gas, it is still necessary to strictly abide by the usage specifications.

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