2024 / 04 / 22

Food Grade CO2 in the Beverage Industry

Food grade co2 is popularly used in the beverage industry. What do you need to know? Today, this article will introduce you to the status quo of the food grade co2 industry, the application of food grade co2, the reason for using food grade co2, tools to make soda water, and where to get a food grade co2 tank.

Status quo of food grade CO2 industry

In recent years, with the increasing demand for products such as beer and carbonated beverages, the production of food grade carbon dioxide as a raw material has also been increasing. According to the data, from 2013 to 2020, China’s food grade carbon dioxide production showed an increasing trend year by year, increasing from 1.4779 million tons to 2.1861 million tons. Although the output is increasing, the growth rate of output is showing a downward trend.

With the continuous increase in output, the scale of my country’s food grade CO2 market is also growing. According to the data, in 2013 China’s food grade carbon dioxide market size was only 1.062 billion yuan. By 2020, the size of China’s food-grade carbon dioxide market will grow to 2.082 billion yuan. From 2013 to 2020, the growth rate of China’s food grade co2 market will be close to 100%.

Beer and carbonated beverages are still the largest demand areas for food grade co2 in my country, accounting for 90.34% of the market in 2020. Next is cigarettes, which will account for 5.03% of the demand for food-grade carbon dioxide in 2020.

Not only China’s demand for carbon dioxide is increasing, but the world’s demand for it is also increasing.

What is the application of food grade co2 in the beverage industry?

Carbon dioxide is an additive in cold beverages so soft drinks and some cold beverages such as beer contain quantities of CO2. Food grade co2 is used for making soda or carbonated drinks. How do carbonated drinks produce? When carbon dioxide is added to water, the Co2 dissolves in the water, carbonation occurs and carbonic acid is formed.

Why is food grade CO2 used in the beverage industry?

Here are three reasons for using food grade co2.

Liquids containing carbon dioxide slowly release air bubbles under pressure, causing a tingling and bubbling sensation on your tongue and stomach. The colder your drink, the tighter the seal, and the fizzier your drink will be.

Co2 is readily soluble in water, and carbon dioxide is very stable when mixed with water. Once dissolved, it reacts and forms carbonic acid, which is the main reason soda water fizzes.

Carbon dioxide is often considered the perfect additive to prevent the breakdown of various food molecules, helping to extend shelf life. Carbon dioxide is not flammable, so it is safer to use.

What tools do you need to make soda water?

The basic tools are a soda water maker and a food grade co2 tank. A soda water maker is a dispenser that includes one or two reusable water bottles. The soda water maker is used with food grade co2 cartridges. The process of making soda water is very simple. You fill the provided bottle with water, insert it into the soda water maker, and press the button. Compressed carbon dioxide from the food grade co2 cylinder is injected to create sparkling water.

Where to buy food grade co2 tanks and soda water makers?

If you’re planning to make your sparkling water at home, you can buy our CO2 Cylinder, an easy-to-use bottle for fizzy food or beverages, and buy our soda water maker. At Rotass we supply international quality 60 L CO2 cylinders which are the perfect accessory for a wide range of food and carbonated drinks. We also offer soda water makers. Our CO2 cylinders are compatible with all standard pressure regulators and most soda water makers. You can use one of these with our Co2 tanks to ensure the tank delivers the correct amount of CO2.

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