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How to Use Rotass 580g Cream Chargers with Regulator?

A cream charger is a nitrous oxide used with a whipped cream dispenser. They are disposable stainless steel canisters, usually containing 8g to 580g. Nitrous oxide-containing whipped cream chargers are mostly employed in medicine and the food industry. Despite the fact that it can be used recreationally, caution is suggested because it is frequently coupled with oxygen, making the gas toxic to breathe when improperly blended.

application of Rotass 580g Cream Chargers

What is 580G Cream Charger?

These are among the largest cream chargers on the market. The cartridge might be referred to as a mini tank due to its size.

They contain 580g of nitrous oxide, which is the equivalent of 85 8-gram nitrous oxide chargers. A 580g tank can make around 42.5 liters of whipped cream as opposed to 8g cartridges, which can yield about 0.5 liters.

You will have more than enough culinary-grade N2O available with a large cream charger for big events. Compared to the 8g cartridges, this kind of cartridge saves a ton of time.

These disposable cream chargers are 100 percent recyclable. They undergo a 165 bar pressure test as well.

580g Cream Chargers with Regulator

What is the Function of Pressure Regulator for Nitrous Oxide? 

The pressure regulator can exactly release the Nitrous Oxide amount you require. Each cylinder has a pressure-release nozzle attached to it. In order to properly dispose of the cylinder, use this nozzle to remove any residues. The tank can be easily disposed of at an iron dump nearby. Every order comes with a pressure-release nozzle for each cylinder.

Pressure Regulator for Nitrous Oxide

How to Use 580g Cream Chargers with Regulator?

580g cream chargers are used along with a pressure regulator (which gives you superior control over nitrous oxide usage and portion control). Understanding the necessary pressure for the best result when preparing many dishes, infusions, or drinks. You can adjust the pressure to achieve perfection due to the pressure regulator. 

Here are three important steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Attach the Pressure Regulator

Firstly, you have to attach the pressure regulator to the 580-gram nitrous oxide canister. The working pressure gauge and bottle pressure gauge should face the side of the canister with the label when it is properly fitted.

Connect your cream whipper to the connector that was included with the regulator. Your cream whipper will be modified by the adaptor to work with the simple push connector that joins the filling hose to the regulator.

How to Use 580g Cream Chargers with Regulator

Step 2: Fill the Dispenser with Nitrous Oxide

You can now fill the dispenser with the necessary amount of N2O after correctly connecting the pressure regulator. An easy way to limit portion size is with a pressure regulator. A 50ml part requires 5 bars, a 100ml piece requires 6.5 bars, a 150ml portion requires 8 bars, a 200ml portion requires 10 bars, a 250ml portion requires 12 bars, and a 300ml portion requires 13 bar, 350ml needs 14 bars, a 400ml needs 16 bar, and a 450ml portion requires 17 bar. To prevent waste, don’t overfill the whipper with nitrous oxide.

You can detach the adaptor and the filling hose after releasing the proper quantity of nitrous oxide into the dispenser. After that, reconnect the charging holder. For the liquid whipped cream and N2O to thoroughly combine, shake the dispenser ten to twenty times. For best results, operate the dispenser with the head downward.


Step3: Clean a Cream Charger When Finishing

  • Remove the bottle’s head by its screw.
  • Note: Please be aware that while the dispenser is filled with nitrous oxide, you shouldn’t attempt to unscrew the head. By depressing the lever, any additional gas that is still contained in the container should be released. Next unscrew the nozzle, the protective cap, and the charger holder and leave to one side.
  • If there is a separate metal base, remove it.
  • Remove the flat gasket ring from the dispenser’s head by turning it over.
  • Push the pressure valve stick down where it can be fully removed.
  • Scrub the components gently with a gentle sponge or towel and warm, soapy water until they are clean.
  • Take care to clean the pressure valve thoroughly, removing any trace of leftover cream or particles.
  • The whipper’s nozzle needs to be removed and cleaned if it will be kept in the refrigerator overnight.
  • Allow the cream whipper bottle to air dry before reassembling the parts as the most hygienic practice.


At Rotass8g cream chargers and 580g cream chargers are available for every respectable and enthusiastic caterer. We provide the purest food-grade nitrous oxide that will create the best-whipped cream. You will get the best prices for 580-gram nitrous oxide canisters.

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