New Rotass 8g Whip Cream Chargers

  • Filled with 8g to 8.4g E942 food-grade N2O, 99.95% purity tested
  • Compatible with all standard cream dispensers
  • Made of 100% recyclable carbon steel
  • Each cream charger is zinc plated to prevent rust
  • Guaranteed no leakage, oily residue, or industrial aftertaste

Packing Size:

  • 10pk
  • 24pk
  • 25pk
  • 50pk


The Nitrous Oxide chargers use a proprietary cap/closed system to ensure that there is no gas leakage during the shelf life of the cartridges, allowing you to make cream rest assured. Being clean in a proprietary facility, the chargers have no metal fragments or oily substances, and they will not produce a peculiar smell or oily taste to whipped cream.

Manufacturer’s compliance standards & certifications: CE, REACH, ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, FDA.

95% In-House Production

Rotass is one of the few manufacturers which can complete 95% of the cream chargers production. Starting from cartridge production and n2o gas production to gas filling, cartridge processing, and packaging, we have strict control over each process, ensuring you the qualified products at a reasonable price.

Our customization service starts with 10 pallet orders, and free customization based on full container loading.

Cartridge Production
Gas Production
Gas Filling
Color Printing
Cartridge Production
Gas Production
Gas Filling
Color Printing


Rotass 8g cream charger can fit almost all standard 8g whipped cream dispensers to make inspirations for foams, perfect sauces, mousses, flavored cream for puddings, exquisite dishes, delighting desserts, soft drinks, or cocktails. Rotass cream charger brings a wide range of possibilities for a creative menu. Foaming and rapid infusion are the right ways to enhance the taste and serving of dishes, desserts, and drinks. Nitrous Oxide whipped cream chargers can also be used to garnish gourmet foods, hot beverages, and cold coffee.



  • Use together with whipped cream dispenser for cream foaming
  • Each cartridge can be used for 0.5L cream foaming
  • For food addictives only (Do not inhale directly)
  • Do not sell to people under the age of 18


  • Keep in a cool and dry place under 50℃ and away from the children
  • Dispose of the n2o cartridges only when they’re empty


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