Rotass Wholesale 2.7L N2O Cylinder 1650g Nitrous Oxide

Filled with 1650 gram food-grade nitrous oxide

Compatible with all standard dispenser

All cartridges undergoes water-bath leakage testing

Made with 100% recyclable steel material

FDA, CE, and REACH Certified

Each cylinder comes with a silent nozzle

Rotass pressure regulator is optional

Product Description

A Balanced Capacity

This new size achieves an optimal balance between 2.2L and 3.3L cylinders, offering professionals a practical and versatile choice by seamlessly combining capacity and convenience.

Easy Handling

It comes with a

Step into a realm of culinary excellence with Rotass’s 2.7L (1650g) Nitrous Oxide Gas Cylinder. Made for performance, this cylinder is a cornerstone for professional kitchens and culinary enthusiasts alike. Its generous capacity ensures ample supply for extensive culinary experimentation, while its reliability guarantees consistent results with every use. From light and airy whipped creams to silky smooth sauces, our nitrous oxide gas cylinder empowers chefs to elevate their dishes with ease. With Rotass’s unwavering commitment to quality and safety, rest assured that you’re equipped with the ultimate tool for culinary innovation. Unlock the possibilities and redefine your culinary creations with Rotass’s Nitrous Oxide Gas Cylinder.

Safety Cautions

Contains nitrous oxide under pressure

Use a pressure regulator to whipping cream

Keep stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight or excessive heat

Inhalation is strictly prohibited

Solely for food use as a food additive

Avoid exposure to temperatures exceeding 50℃(120℉)

Ensure it remains out of children’s reach

FAQ and Contact

Can I get a sample?

We offer sample delivery within the USA and Europe. For other regions, the minimum order quantity (MOQ) typically begins with a full container due to their classification as hazardous chemicals.

Can I get my brand customized?

Certainly, we provide customization options for labels, packaging, and flavors. It usually starts with 3200 pieces.

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