Rotass 3.3L N2O Cylinder Cream Chargers – 2000 Gram Nitrous Oxide

  • Filled with 2kg E942 food-grade 99.95% Purity N2O gas
  • Made of 100% recyclable steel material
  • Compatible with every standard cream whipper via the optional pressure regulator
  • Each cartridge comes with one free nozzle
  • The N20 chargers are 100% tested, and guaranteed no leakage


  • Large capacity 3.3L N2O canister, fully compliant with NSF and HACCP requirements.
  • Each cartridge is packaged individually for convenient selling and catering use.
  • Made by own factory compliance with CE、FDA、ISO45001、ISO 9001、ISO 14001, REACH certificates
  • Guaranteed no leakage, oil residue, and chemical aftertaste, which is ideal for food additive purposes.

OEM Service

  • Including Logo, label, packaging
  • OEM service starts from 1 pallet (140 pieces). Free OEM is provided based on full container loading, which is 2800 pieces in total.


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