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6 Sparkling Water Recipes – At Home Soda Machine

As for the at-home soda machine, there are generally two types on the market. You also can call it a home water carbonator. One is a rechargeable soda water maker that is too large to carry around. The other is a low-cost home water carbonator that is small and easy to carry, and the CO2 cylinder is used with the at-home soda machine. This article will introduce a sparkling water machine for the home and 6 sparkling water recipes using a home seltzer maker.

The introduction of the at-home soda machine

What is a home water carbonator?

The home water carbonator is a home seltzer maker or a soda-making machine for home use, which is one of the kitchen appliances. The soda water machine for home is made of food-grade PET material. You need to use the CO2 cylinder while using the home water carbonator to make soda water.


Why you should choose the at-home soda machine?

There are three reasons for you to choose the home seltzer maker to make sparkling water. The first reason is that the at-home soda machine is cheap when you choose it from Rotass. The second reason is portable and the bottle below can be taken out. The bottle below is just a plastic bottle and its size is also the size of an ordinary plastic bottle. It is also very convenient to carry when going out because it is made of FPET material, which is very light. The third reason is that the operation is simple and very convenient. After adding water or beverages, you fill the special CO2 cylinder equipped with it. Besides, after tightening it, it is completed when you hear a “Zi La” sound.

The Overview Steps to make sparkling water by using home seltzer maker

Here are just steps to make sparkling water with the at-home soda machine.

Step 1: Pour water into the water bottle. Not exceeding the water injection line.

Step 2: Install the CO2 cylinder.

Step 3: Press the button on the sparkling water machine.

Recipes by using the home soda machine

Next, share some delicious drinks made with this soda maker.

1. Lemon Honey Sparkling Water Recipe

Material: Honey, lemon slice, and soda water.

Method: Wash and slice the lemon (if possible, you can grind it twice to release the juice and aroma), put it in a bottle with honey, then pour in the cold soda water and stir, and it’s done.

2. Peach Yakult Recipe

Material: Peach diced, Yakult, and soda water

Method: Cut the peach into small cubes, pour a bottle of Yakult into it, and finally add sparkling water!

In this recipe, you can substitute any fruit you like. Oranges, grapefruits, and apples are fine.

3. Sour plum soda water recipe

Material: the plum soup, and the at home soda machine

Method: Sour plum soup is directly made into sparkling plum juice with a soda machine. There must be some ice cubes in this drink.


4. Frozen lychee soda recipe

Material: Frozen lychee, and soda water

Method: Freeze the lychees into ice balls in advance, add sparkling water, and it’s done.

5. Frozen watermelon soda recipe

Material: Frozen Watermelon, and soda water

Method: You can cut the watermelon directly and freeze it, or you can squeeze the watermelon juice and freeze it, it’s the same. Put it into the water bottle and add soda water.


6. Frozen passion fruit soda recipe

Material: Frozen passion fruit, and soda water

Method: After digging out the pulp of passion fruit, mix it with soda water.

Note: when you need to make soda water, just do the overview steps of making soda water with the home seltzer maker.

In conclusion, after you read this article, you can find that a home water carbonator is very useful for making various sparkling water. Thus, it is very worth buying a sparkling water machine for your home.

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