Rotass 0.95L Nitrous Oxide Aluminum Alloy Cylinder – 640G N2O

Contain 640 gram E942 food-grade 99.95% purity N2O gas

Fit all standard cream dispensers

30% lighter than the same sized steel cylinder

Made by quality 100% recyclable aluminum, Non-refillable

Guaranteed absence of leaks, oil, or chemical residues

Product Description

Commitment to Quality

Our top priority is ensuring quality. Rotass 640g Aluminum cream chargers contain 99.95% high purity food-grade Nitrous Oxide sourced directly from our own N2O gas factory.

Significant Weight Advantage

This cylinder stands out as it is 30% lighter than the 0.95L steel N2O cylinder. This remarkable weight difference provides freedom of movement and mobility in the kitchen, making it the preferred choice for customers seeking both convenience and quality.

0.95L (640g) aluminum nitrous oxide gas cylinder offers a lightweight solution without compromising on capacity or performance.

At approximately 30% lighter than steel cylinders of the same size, our 0.95L aluminum nitrous oxide gas cylinder sets a new standard in portability. Its reduced weight makes it exceptionally convenient for beverage and dessert development, allowing chefs and enthusiasts alike to experiment with ease.

While maintaining the popular size and filling capacity, the reduction in weight sets our aluminum cylinder apart, offering a balance of durability that enhances the creative process. Whether you’re whipping up decadent mousses or experimenting with innovative cocktail creations, this cylinder’s lightweight design makes it the perfect tool for culinary exploration.

Safety Cautions

Contains compressed nitrous oxide (E942) gas

Follow the dispenser guidelines for both cylinders and cream dispensers

Keep in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight or extreme heat

Avoid inhalation to reduce potential health hazards

Solely for food use as a food additive

Avoid exposure to temperatures exceeding 50℃(120℉)

Ensure it’s inaccessible to children

FAQ and Contact

Are these cylinders recyclable or refillable?

The aluminum cylinders are single-use and can be recycled after the N2O gas is completely used.

How do Aluminum N2O cylinders compare to steel ones?

Aluminum N2O cylinders function similarly to their steel counterparts, but their lightweight aluminum construction makes them a preferred choice for culinary applications due to their ease of handling.

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