Rotass Strawberry Flavor Food Grade 640G N2O Cylinder

Filled with 640 grams of E942 food-grade nitrous oxide, showcasing an impressive purity of 99.95%

Designed to fit into all standard cream dispensers.

Ensures a clean operation with zero leaks, oil, or residual chemicals.

Crafted from environmentally friendly 100% recyclable carbon steel canisters.

Each cylinder comes complete with a complimentary silent nozzle, ensuring hassle-free gas release.

Strawberry flavor to boost culinary creations

Product Description

Superior Gas Capacity

Supercharge your creations with a generous 640 grams of food-grade nitrous oxide gas.

Crafted for Bartending

Take your cocktails, coffees, and imaginative blends to new heights with a dash of innovation and excitement.

Customized to Your Brand

Personalize your experience with an array of flavors, from classic blueberry and strawberry to exotic watermelon and peach, and beyond.

Drive Revenue

Empower your food and beverage enterprise with flavor-infused nitrous oxide gas cylinders, igniting interest, drawing in more patrons, and propelling sales and profitability.

Whether you’re crafting refreshing beverages or decadent desserts, our strawberry flavored nitrous oxide cylinder adds a burst of flavor that will delight your taste buds and impress your guests.

Made with the highest quality 99.95% N2O gas and meticulously engineered for optimal performance, this cylinder is the perfect companion for any culinary enthusiast looking to explore the endless possibilities of flavor. Indulge in the sweet sensation of strawberries and let your creativity flourish with Rotass’s Strawberry Flavored Cylinder.

Safety Cautions

Packed with compressed nitrous oxide

Requires a pressure regulator for controlled release into cream dispensers

Keep stored in a cool, dry place shielded from direct sunlight or extreme heat

Inhalation should be avoided

Designed for culinary purposes as a food enhancer

Protect from temperatures surpassing 50°C (120°F)

Keep out of reach of children

FAQ and Contact

What is the MOQ of this product?

You can place orders for this product in either boxes of 6 pieces or pallets from our warehouses or authorized distributors.

How do you custom the brand?

Sure you can custom the cylinders including cylinder color, labels, packaging, and even flavors.

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