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Cream Charger 580g vs 8g – Why We Recommend You 580g Cream Chargers?

whipped cream charger is a cylinder containing nitrous oxide (N2O) that is used as a whipping agent in whipped cream dispensers. Are you still confused about how to choose cream chargers? Take it easy, this article will introduce you to the comparison of 580g cream chargers and reasons why you should choose 580g cream chargers.

Our company has 6 different innovative cream chargers, Rotass’s main products are N2O Cream Chargers including 8g cream chargers, 580g cream chargers, 615g cream chargers,1364g cream chargers, 2000g cream chargers, 0.6L Food Grade CO2 Filled Cylinder, and 500ml Whipped Cream Dispenser and so on. However, the most popular ones on the market today are either 8 grams or  580 grams. So this post makes a comparison between 8g cream chargers and 580g cream chargers.

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Difference Between 8g and 580g Cream Chargers

Comparison580g cream charger8g cream chargers
Use TargetFor commercial and individual needsFor culinary needs
How To UseUse it in the cream whipper with the help of a pressure regulator and an adaptorDirectly use it in a standard cream whipper
TasteBest smoothness & creamy tasteSmooth & Fine
AdvantagesEasily Operate & Space-savingPortable & Space-saving
VersionOnly original versionOriginal version & New version
Rotass Custom 8g Cream Chargers
Rotass Custom 8g Cream Chargers

Why 580G Cream Chargers Are Better?

Before purchasing a number of nitrous oxide cream chargers in capsule form for a catering event, you might want to consider your alternatives. When you take into account the work required to use the small whip cream cartridges to satisfy your whipped cream needs, this is a crucial consideration.

The ideal whipped cream chargers for the job are the larger 580g cream chargers, so you should take those into consideration.

1. 580g cream chargers are cost-effective

Compared to the 8g conventional whipped cream chargers, each 0.95L whipped cream charger contains 580g of the highest culinary quality N2O gas available and reduces wastage so that 580g cream chargers are more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

For instance, the benefits of the 8g and 580g cream chargers are relatively comparable if you purchase a little quantity of them. However, if you purchase a large quantity, 580g cream chargers are more cost-effective. This implies that 580g cream chargers are affordable when purchased in large quantities. Particularly, the consumer purchases more, and the wholesale pricing applies.

2. 580g has superior logistic advantages

Rotass is one of the most reputable suppliers of 580g cream chargers in China because the original factory – Tonghui Gas has the largest N2O annual output of 60,000 tonnes. This manufacturing film was created in a cutting-edge facility with years of experience, as mentioned above. We can produce 99.95% high purity N2O gas in 580g cream chargers to the highest production requirements. Since then, 580g gas has come to be associated with frosted packaging and ground-breaking improvements.

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3. The retail advantage of 580g cream chargers

580g cream chargers are easier to transport in one box than 8g cream chargers. From our customers’ experience, they found that carrying larger cream chargers is a better option for them to purchase and transport. Additionally, steel cylinders in the 580g cream chargers size are 100% recyclable, and the 580g tanks are easier to handle than small ones.

4. The wholesale advantage of 580g cream chargers

First, Rotass 580g N2O cream chargers are properly approved by several certifications and are 99.95% N2O, which is a European norm. Franchisees and consumers assume the products are assured if they are eager to buy and sell them. Second, the majority of franchisees are prepared to sell 580g cream chargers in the retail market, according to the industry analysis.


The 8-gram cream charger or 580-gram whipped cream charger is an essential cylinder for every respected and enthusiastic caterer. By using a whipped cream charger, you can get the purest food-grade nitrous oxide that will create the best whipped cream. In addition, they’re safe to use in the kitchen. Pressure regulators are used with 580 g nitrous oxide cylinders for safety.

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