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Food-grade Nitrous Oxide Cylinder – Features and Safety Facts

An Overview of Food-Grade Nitrous Oxide Cylinder

The most common type of nitrous oxide on the market is undoubtedly food-grade nitrous oxide. Delivered frequently as a liquid and air mixed exist in a single steel cylinder or aluminum cylinder. That can be called a nitrous oxide cylinder. A nitrous oxide cylinder can be used in a variety of ways in the baking or cooking industries since it enables you to produce a variety of elaborations with expert results. Whipping cream, culinary foams, delicate sauces, marinades, and unique cocktails are all made with the help of the gas in the nitrous oxide cylinder. Thus, this is a product that works best when used with a cream siphon and is highly practical for cooking and producing desserts that have a lasting effect.

For instance, among its benefits, we point out that the mixture delivers very large output volumes and may be stored for up to 10 days in the refrigerator. The latter enables us to produce textures with a more pronounced appearance using less material, which also results in a considerable financial reduction.

Features of Food Grade Nitrous Oxide Cylinders in Rotass

Various types of nitrous oxide cylinders are available with high purity

Rotass supplies 8-gram, 580-gram, 615-gram, 1364-gram, and 2000-gram nitrous oxide cylinders filled with E942 food-grade nitrous oxide, with a purity up to 99.95%.


Other features of Rotass n2o cylinders are introduced in the following: 

  • All nitrous oxide cylinders are steel cylinders of superior quality without gas leakage.
  • All nitrous oxide cylinders are environmental, friendly and dispensed (It is recyclable).
  • All nitrous oxide cylinders respect the rules and norms of international standards such as CE, FDA, Reach, etc.
  • All nitrous oxide cylinders are tested for a pressure of 165 bar.
  • You can receive a free nozzle when you buy the Rotass nitrous oxide cylinders.
  • When you use Rotass n2o cylinders, there is no oil residue or chemical after-taste. Thus, Rotass n2o cylinders can ensure the best catering experience.

Safety Facts of Food-grade Nitrous Oxide Cylinders

When making whipped cream or other foods, you should only use N2O of the food grade. 

The culinary world is likely the most common application of N2O, with whipped cream being the most common. But the enchantment doesn’t end with the whipped cream. N2O enables many chefs, bakers, and bartenders to produce not only delectable creams but also a variety of foams, sauces, infusions, and unique cocktail tops. 

Nitrous oxide (N2O) is referred to as food-grade N2O and listed as an addition under code E942 in the food business. 

In this way, if you want to make big quantities of a special cream, you should buy N2O that is suitable for use in food. 

You should Keep N2O cylinders in a cool location!

We know that N2O is not particularly flammable, and we follow our word. The area where you must store nitrous oxide is the subject of the following modification. Therefore, if you frequently purchase nitrous oxide cylinders in large quantities and store them somewhere, make sure the space is sufficiently chilled and ventilated to maintain the gas’s temperature. 97.5°F (about 36°) and 1,051 PSI are the essential conditions for N2O. Like gases, supercritical fluids can be compressed. At temperatures more than 650 °C (1202 °F), it could explode.

Understanding the functioning of the nitrous oxide system

It takes more than merely opening a nitrous oxide cylinder with a nozzle or pressure regulator to use one. It is crucial to take into account specific rules, primarily composition or what changes its composition. 

N2O is made up of two nitrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule in the chemical structure. Pressurized nitrous oxide exists as both liquid and gas phases in equilibrium below 97.5 °F (36 °C). A little amount of the liquid phase will vaporize when the bottle discharges, and the resultant gas phase will fill the space. Temperature is the only factor that influences pressure. Let’s not forget that the main way a substance transforms from a liquid to a gaseous state is by vaporization. As a result, as long as the temperature is steady, the pressure will also remain constant.

Always examine the label of the nitrous oxide cylinder you purchase, which is our recommendation. Nitrous oxide cylinder manufacturers are required to adhere to stringent requirements to furnish pressurized N2O. For ADR items, Rotass complies with all European Regulations.

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