2024 / 04 / 22

Rotass 8g whip Cream Chargers – Several Packing Sizes Available

Rotass manufactures professional cream chargers that are certified filled with 99.95% pure Nitrous Oxide (N2O). Thus, the highest quality and best value Nitrous Oxide canisters are available. 8g whip cream chargers( also called 8g n2o cartridges) are our most popular product among professional cream chargers.


Cream Charger Use – 8g whip cream chargers

What are cream canisters used for? 8g whip cream chargers can be used in cocktail bars, and restaurants to achieve quick seasoning and help you create great drinks, food dressings, ingredients, foams, mousses, and more.

Instantly delivery for 8g whip cream chargers

8g whip cream chargers are the best products in the industry. what are you waiting for? The sooner the order is placed, the priority will be shipped. Besides we strive to be 100% qualified. Moreover, US local delivery is available for 8g whip cream chargers at Rotass.

Several packing sizes for 8g whip cream chargers

At the same time, there are different specifications of the cream charger cylinder for you to choose from. We offer four packing sizes of 8g n2o cartridges: 10pk, 24pk, 25pk, and 50pk. As for 25pk whip cream chargers, you can buy these 8g n2o cartridges directly on Amazon or get a wholesale quote first. Besides, these 8g n2o cartridges can support the US local delivery service.

Our professional cream chargers are higher in Nitrous Oxide, saving you time and saving you money! Rotass professional cream chargers provide you with high-quality N2O spray to ensure you always get the best results. Besides, you could have different choices for our cream charger cylinder. We have 2 types of outer packaging that you can choose from. Besides, you can also custom 8g whip cream chargers as you like, including logo, cartridge color, and packages.

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Features of 8g whip cream chargers

1. 8g ultra-pure nitrous oxide is guaranteed in the cream charger cylinder. (Best in the cream charger cylinder industry!)

2. Brand new zinc chrome is coated in all 8g n2o cartridges to prevent rust in the kitchen.

3. 100% gas leakage quality inspection ensures the highest quality.

4. Originated from our ultra-modern equipment production plant with rich industry experience.

5. All 8g n2o cartridges are guaranteed no duds or leaks.

6. Our cleaning method guarantees the cream charger cylinder no oily residue or industrial aftertaste.

7. The cartridges are made of 100% recyclable carbon steel.

8. All these professional cream chargers are standard 8g configuration, universal design or custom as you like, and easy to install.

9. Using 8g whip cream chargers is economical and efficient. For example, compared with mechanical whipping cream, using these 8g n2o cartridges to whip 0.5 liters of cream can produce more cream. In other words, 0.5 liters of cream can be made into 1.5 liters of fresh cream.

10. Standards and certifications followed by the cream charger manufacturer: REACH, CE, ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, and FDA. Thus, we comply with all certification requirements.

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