2024 / 04 / 18

A Guide to Choosing a Great Cream Dispenser

It’s tiring to whip cream, and it may not be successful after a few hours of hand beating. At this time, a cream dispenser is the best choice to whip cream quickly. How to choose a great cream dispenser. Here are three tips.

Tip one: know why use nitrous oxide in cream dispensers

Because nitrous oxide can whip cream. Nitrous oxide is commonly known as “laughing gas”. In the food processing industry, if nitrous oxide is added to the cream, it will expand so that the cream can remain upright and the entrance is delicate. In many international chain coffee shops, the cream charger used in the cream whipper is nitrous oxide, but it is not used in sufficient quantities to cause a health hazard.

Tip two: know which types of cream dispensers you need

Here are many types of cream dispensers.

  • By color: here are Grey cream dispensers, Pink cream dispensers, Sky blue cream dispensers, green cream dispensers, purple cream dispensers, yellow cream dispensers, red cream dispensers, and blue cream dispensers, silver cream dispensers, white cream dispensers, and black cream dispensers, etc.
  • By material: aluminum cream dispenser, plastic cream dispenser, and stainless cream dispenser.
  • By Capacity: 1000ml cream dispensers, 500ml cream dispensers, and 250ml cream dispensers.

According to the above types of cream whippers, choose the suitable one for your requirement.

Tip three: know the features every great cream dispenser should have

Although there are many types of cream whippers, the great cream dispenser should have six featuresRotass cream whipper consists of stainless and aluminum and so on. The Rotass cream dispenser comes standard with an alloy body, piping nozzle, cover, sleeve, and cleaning brush.

Soft Rubber Grip: It is thickened silicone sealing ring and safe silicone material. The cream does not overflow with the thickened sealing ring. Thus, the sealing of cream whippers is better.

cream dispenser 1

Smooth Craftship: a great cream whipper has a secure threaded cup mouth so locking is tighter. It can easily withstand high pressure in the bottle.

cream dispenser 2

Safety sleeve: With a non-slip texture design, the safety vent is more secure to use.

④ Concave bottom of the cup: The sliding and grinding feel is very delicate, prolonging the service life and enhancing the pressure resistance.

⑤ Limit scale line: The scale line is displayed to make the blending ratio more accurate and the taste more uniform.

cream dispenser 3

High-quality healthy coating: not easy to stick, with a cleaning brush, very easy to clean, environmentally friendly and healthy, and durable.

cream dispenser 4

Tip four: know how to use a cream dispenser

A cream dispenser is commonly used to whip cream. The steps are the following:

  1. Before use, clean all the cream dispensers with hot water, and then with cold water;
  2. Pour the whipped cream that has been refrigerated for more than 24 hours into the cream dispenser body to the half position (for example,  about 0.25L of whipped cream needs to be poured into a 0.5L cream dispenser);
  3. Tighten the tip of the creamer;
  4. Transfer the cream charger into the cream dispenser with a cream charger sleeve;
  5. After the cream charger is filled into the bottle, turn the cream dispenser head down. Shake it up and down until the cream and gas combine and expand until there is no liquid flow;
  6. Press and squeeze the cream onto the dessert or coffee.

Innovative use of the cream dispenser

  1. Foam the liquid: whip cream and mousse;
  2. Quickly extract or pickle things: Rapid Infusion;
  3. Makes a lighter, crispier, less greasy fried batter;
  4. Load CO2, carbonated drinks, fruits, or other ingredients;
  5. Connect the special injection head and use it as a syringe to inject the flavor or marinade into the food;
  6. Use as an air pump: e.g. blow up mozzarella cheese balls.

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