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Basic Useful Knowledge for Cream Dispensers

What Are Cream Dispensers?

Cream dispensers, also known as siphon bottles, and cream whippers are widely used in the decoration and seasoning of beverages and desserts. Put the liquid in the cream dispenser, push the cream charger, and inflate the hot and cold liquid. The use of a cream dispenser is not only for making cream frosting. but also transform the liquid into a foam, paste, cream, or mousse on the basis of the different properties of the liquid.

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Classifications of Cream Dispensers

Nowadays, cream dispensers can be divided into the following three types:

1. Soda siphon bottles

These cream dispensers are mainly used to make sparkling water or cocktails.

2. Standard cream dispensers

These cream dispensers are mainly used to make cream and mousse or foam.

3. Double wall insulation foam cream dispensers

These foam cream dispensers are mainly used for cooking dishes.


4 Componpents of Cream Dispensers

Cream dispensers consist of four following components.

  1. The reservoir is attached to the container either directly or via a lid. For example, you can choose a threaded coupling optionally provided with an O-ring or similar. In this way, the container can be removed from the device for refilling or depressurization as needed.
  2. The compressed gas used in the reservoir or cartridge is a compressed gas with low solubility in the liquid contents of the container. The gas includes air, nitrogen, nitrous oxide carbon dioxide, or mixtures thereof. In a preferred embodiment, the gas used is nitrogen, air, or a mixture thereof.
  3. The Steering Foam Dispense nozzle assembly is hollow and attaches to the cap utilizing threads or snaps or the like. The dispensing unit is capable of dispensing the foamy liquid from the nozzle assembly to a suitable outer container.
  4. The trigger mechanism is a trigger mechanism that is conveniently operated manually. For example, by squeezing, it is operable to control the entry of gas or liquid into the dispensing unit or the discharge of the gas-liquid mixture from the foam dispensing unit.
Componpents of Cream Dispensers

According to the above introduction, the overall structure of the cream dispenser includes four parts: the container part, the compressed gas reservoir, the nozzle, and the trigger device. The connection mode of each part is unlimited, but the premise is that it is easy to disassemble. The type of compressed gas is not limited, usually nitrous oxide. The triggering device is easy to use and easy to trigger.

How to Use Cream Dispensers?

Here are five steps to use the cream dispenser.

  • Firstly, open the top cover of the cream dispenser and remove the protective cap of the magazine.
  • Secondly, pour in the fresh cream, not more than half, and then lock the top cover of the cream dispenser.
  • Thirdly, correctly fill the cream charger into the magazine and tighten the magazine.
  • Fourthly, put on the selected fancy nozzle, hold the cream dispenser, and shake it.
  • Fifthly, turn the cream dispenser upside down and you can press out the cream.
five steps to use the cream dispenser

3 Concerns about Using Cream Dispensers

There are several points to pay attention to when using the cream dispenser 

  • First, the liquid should not be put in too much, and please leave room for the gas in the cream dispenser.
  • Second, after pushing the gas, it needs to be shaken.
  • Third, distinguish the cream charger. Nitrous 0xide (N2O) cream chargers are commonly used in dessert making. Nitrous 0xide (N2O) cream chargers are commonly known as “laughing gas”.

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