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Buy 4 Nitrous Oxide Cylinders from China Manufacturer

Nitrous oxide cylinders are perfect for family gatherings and gatherings. Besides, there are many types of nitrous oxide cylinders in the world. To help you know more about the nitrous oxide cylinder. This article will introduce you to four types of N2O cylinders from the china manufacturer and why buy them from the china manufacturer – Rotass.

4 Types of Nitrous Oxide Cylinders from Rotass

According to the nitrous oxide cylinder capacity, N2O cylinders that have a larger capacity than 8g cream chargers can be divided into 4 types: 580/615g N2O cylinder, 640g aluminumN2O cylinder, 2.2L N2O cylinder, and 3.3L N2O cylinder.

1. 580 Nitrous Oxide cylinder

This 580g nitrous oxide cylinder is also called a 580g cream charger. This n2o gas cylinder is made of 100% recyclable carbon steel material, and usually has an n2o capacity of 580 grams, 615 grams, and 640 grams of N2O gas with little cylinder size difference. This n2o gas cylinder is used with an optional pressure regulator.

Whipped Cream Chargers

2. 640g aluminum N2O cylinder

This nitrous oxide cylinder is made of aluminum so that it is less weight than the steel cylinders that are filled with the same weight food grade n2o. The 640g aluminum nitrous oxide cylinder is filled with 640g N2O.


3. 2.2L N2O cylinder

This nitrous oxide cylinder is filled with 1364 gram E942 food-grade n2o, which is 24% more portions than most 2.2L cylinders that are usually filled with 1100g gas only. The n2o gas cylinder is made of recyclable carbon steel. When you buy a 2.2L nitrous oxide cylinder, you can get a free nozzle. Moreover, all these 2.2L nitrous oxide cylinders are used with a pressure regulator.


4. 3.3L N2O cylinder

This 2000g nitrous oxide cylinder is made of recyclable steel material too. The nitrous oxide cylinder capacity is larger than the above three nitrous oxide cylinders. It is used with a pressure regulator when you need to combine the cream whipper with the 3.3 nitrous oxide cylinder. A free nozzle will be delivered with these nitrous oxide cylinders. With this 2kg nitrous oxide tank, you have a nitrous oxide bottle with enough capacity to hold 250 8g cream chargers. You can get more gas with this heavyweight nitrous oxide cylinder.


Why Buy Nitrous Oxide Cylinders from China Manufacturer?

Rotass is the leading nitrous oxide cylinder manufacturer in China. We are supplying 580g /615g nitrous oxide cylinders, 640g nitrous oxide cylinders, 2.2L nitrous oxide cylinders, and 3.3L nitrous oxide cylinders for bulk buyers. Here are several reasons why you buy nitrous oxide cylinders from a china manufacturer in the following:

The most important reason is that Rotass is the N2O gas source, and the purity of the food grade n2o gas because all the food grade n2o gases in our cylinders or tanks are 99.95% pure, fully compliant with CE, FDA, ISO45001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and REACH certificates.

The second reason is that both steel and aluminum cylinders are available. Thus, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the cylinders, and all cylinders are safe.

The third reason is that free nozzles, independent outer packaging, etc are offered by Rotass. Factory prices, high-quality products, and thoughtful service are also supported.

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