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How to Use a Whipping Cream Dispenser to Make Cream Topping Easily?

Adding a cream topping on top of the milk tea can make up for the fact that milk tea is easy to be “light”. Thus, you must want to know how to make cream topping easily. Today, this article will focus on how to use whipping cream dispensers to make the cream topping.

What is the principle of the whipping cream dispenser for making cream topping?

The principle of whipping cream with a whipping cream dispenser is to fill it with nitrogen gas. But when there is too much cream or insufficient gas, the whipped cream cannot be formed.

Generally, the amount of cream added to the whipping cream dispenser is about 400g, and it can also be fine-tuned according to the shape of the cream pursued by the store.


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A step-by-step guide to using a whipping cream dispenser to make the cream topping

This guide will take the Mochi cream topping and Zhenzhen Xue Ji cream topping as examples to help you make a cream topping with a whipping cream dispenser. Here are steps in the following:

Step 1: Prepare tools like a whipping cream dispenser

The tools to be prepared are cream chargers, a whipping cream dispenser, whipped cream, and water. Whipped cream is usually stored in the same refrigerator as milk. The best cooling effect is when the bottles of whipping cream dispensers are refrigerated together, and the cooling temperature is 4-8°C.

As for mochi tea, you also need sugar, taro balls, non-dairy cream, and black tea soup.

As for Zhenzhen tea, you also need sugar, pearls, non-dairy cream, black tea soup, and nuts.


Step 2: Make mochi tea or Zhenzhen tea

The ratio of non-dairy creamer that produces heavy milk and hot water is 1:1. It is used in mochi tea and Zhenzhen tea.

Make mochi tea

Add 80g of mochi, 30g of taro balls, 25g of fructose, 80ml of non-dairy creamer thick milk, 250ml of Hongyun black tea soup, 100ml of warm water, and squeeze the cream topping into the production cup.

Make Zhenzhen tea

Add 80g of pearls, 30g of fructose, 80 ml of non-dairy cream, 250 ml of Hongyun black tea soup, 120 ml of warm water, squeeze cream topping, and decorate with nuts.

The step of making the Mochi cream topping and the Zhenzhen Xue Ji cream topping is similar. You can get this from step three.


Step 3: Use a whipping cream dispenser to make the cream topping

Pour the whipped cream into the whipping cream dispenser bottle, making up to five to six full whipping cream dispensers for each whipping cream. After the cream is poured, screw the lid tightly so as not to affect the foaming air pressure.

The cream charger is placed in the bomb bay with the small end up.

Screw the cream charger compartment into the thread with a small needle on the whipping cream dispenser cover. When you feel that it is about to stop, you can tighten the puncture cream charger with one force, and the whipping cream dispenser bottle will make a zizi sound.

Whipping Cream Dispenser

Shake the whipping cream dispenser bottle well to allow the cream to mix with the gas. When there is no liquid, the cream is completely foamed.

After standing for 2-3 minutes, the whipping cream dispenser spray head is facing down, press the handle to spray the cream.

After use, if there is any remaining cream in the cream whipper, it can be refrigerated and stored for continued use. After foaming, it can be stored for a maximum of 7 days.

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