Nitrous Oxide (N2O)

Purity 99.9% ~ 99.9999% for various applications

Available in various packaging size, from 40L cylinders to 20 tonnes ISO tank

An annual production of 60,000 tonnes

Collaboration with enterprises including Messer, Linde, SIMC etc

Widely used in medical/industrial/electronic/food market

Product Description

Rotass as a nitrous oxide manufacturer, our annual output reaches 60 thousand tonnes. We can provide steady and quality bulk nitrous oxide of different purity for various applications such as food & beverage, medical, semiconductor, LED/LCD display, PV and etc.


When heated, it is decomposed into nitrogen and oxygen, which improves the combustion rate of the engine and increases the speed.

Rocket Oxidizer

Nitrous oxide can be used as a rocket oxidizer. Stable at room temperature, easy to store and relatively safe to fly, and easily decomposes into breathing air.


N2O is used for anesthesia. The analgesic effect is strong and the anesthesia effect is weak, avoiding the complications of general anesthesia.

Food Addictive

In the food industry, it is used for foaming and sealants, etc.


Nitrous Oxide is used in oxidation, chemical vapor deposition processes in semiconductor production, and as a standard gas mixture for atmospheric monitoring.

Nitrous oxide is classified into 4 main categories based on its application: electronic, industrial, food-grade, and medical-grade. Among these, electronic-grade nitrous oxide boasts the highest purity and is commonly utilized in the electronics industry for applications such as display panels, photovoltaic components, semiconductor manufacturing, and integrated circuit production. It demands extremely low impurity levels to prevent contamination or damage to microelectronic devices. Industrial-grade nitrous oxide has comparatively lower purity requirements but still must meet certain quality standards to ensure effectiveness and safety during use. Food-grade nitrous oxide is primarily employed in the food industry for producing cream and foam. Its purity requirements are relatively high to prevent contamination or harm to consumers’ health. Typically, the purity standards of food-grade nitrous oxide comply with relevant food safety regulations such as FDA and CE standards. Medical-grade nitrous oxide is mainly used in the medical field, particularly as an inhalation anesthetic for surgeries, pain management, etc., offering fast anesthesia and recovery. It demands high purity and safety standards to ensure patient health and safety.

Tonghui Gas offers nitrous oxide with purity ranging from 99.9% to 99.9999% (6N), catering to the gas supply needs of the aforementioned industries.

FAQ and Contact

Can the nitrous oxide used in medical applications?

Yes, we supply nitrous oxide based on your COA requirements.

What trade terms do you offer?

We typically support EXW, FOB, and CIF. Our services include local dangerous goods shipping and collaboration with shipping forwarders for sea transport.”

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