2024 / 04 / 22

Top 4 Cream Whipper Recipes By Using A Cream Whipper

When you think of a cream whipper, you immediately think of it as whipping cream. Since the cream whipper is equipped with multiple nozzles, it can spray different patterns of cream circles, which is loved by beverage and coffee operators. It is understood that at home and abroad, many international coffee brands and bakeries have used this device to whip cream. Do you know? The use of the cream whipper is far more than whipping cream. Next, this post will briefly introduce you to four recipes for different uses of the cream whipper.

1. The First Is the Simplest Foam

You need to dilute the liquid a little and pour it into the cream whipper (siphon bottle), without adding any other ingredients. What is extruded is Foam.


2. The Second Is the Mousse

You should soak the flaky gelatin tablets in cold water until softened and heat together with the original liquid until melted. After refrigerating, you need to put the jelly into a cream whipper (siphon bottle), fill it with an N2O cream charger and shake. Next, the mousse will be squeezed out. This makes it easy and quick to make a lot of mousses.


3. The Third Is a Microwave Sponge Cake

After mixing the cake’s raw materials evenly, you need to pour it into the cream whipper (siphon bottle). Next, you should install the N2O cream charger and shake it, then put the liquid pumped out of the cream whipper into the microwave oven to heat. This method of making cakes is simple. Besides, it is not complicated to operate. In addition, it can also make cakes with different flavors, which is suitable for mass production.


4. The Fourth Is Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

You need to melt the ice cream and add whipped cream to the mix. Next, pour it into a cream whipper (siphon bottle), fill it with an N2O cream charger, shake it, and refrigerate it for 2 hours. Finally, take it out and pour it into liquid nitrogen.

How to Use Whip Cream Chargers for Perfect Whipped Cream without Common Mistakes 2

Rotass Cream Whippers Recommend

Rotass cream whippers are recommended for you. The reason is the following:

  1. 3 Capacity of the cream whipper is available. They are 250 ml, 500 ml, and 1000 ml. The common capacity of the cream whipper is 500 ml while people use the cream whipper.
  2. More than 4 colors are available for you. You can choose Black, Red, Blue, Silver, or any other color you like.
  3. Rotass cream whippers adopt food contact grade metal bottle bodies. You can choose an aluminum alloy body or a stainless body for your cream whipper.
  4. All Rotass cream whippers can be shaken freely without leaking.
  5. Rotass cream whippers are durable, simple, and convenient.
  6. The sea of cream whippers is strong, and the cream will not overflow.
  7. All Rotass cream whipper is a high-quality inner coating, non-stick, and easy to clean.
  8. Our cream whippers own a standard scale line and have a more accurate adjustment ratio.

By the way, all our cream chargers are high-quality nitrous oxide, pure taste. They are equipped with galvanized coating design, making the product safer to use.


In Conclusion, after you read this article, you must know about four cream whipper recipes and some basic knowledge about Rotass cream whippers. If you want to know more about how to use the cream whippers, you can click here.

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