2024 / 04 / 22

Top 5 Best Ways to Use a Cream Charger Cylinder in the Food Industry

Globally recognized molecular gastronomy is based on the interaction between textures and flavors. The cream charger cylinder is one such amazing gadget that cooks frequently utilized in this field to produce excellent results and high-level food aesthetics. 


A nitrous oxide cream charger cylinder can be used in a variety of ways in the baking or cooking industries since it enables you to produce a variety of elaborations with expert results. As a result, it is a product that is used in conjunction with a cream whipper and is highly practical for cooking and creating desserts that have lasting effects.

Due to their ability to release pressurized nitrous oxide (N2O) gas into a liquid to aerate it efficiently and safely, N2O whipped cream charger cylinders have widely served various purposes, particularly in the food and beverage industry. The top five culinary uses for N2O cream charger cylinders, which you may easily attempt at home, are listed below.

Cream charger cylinder for rapid infusion 

The fastest and most effective approach to producing highly flavorful liquids is by rapid infusion. Whether you want to infuse oil, alcohol, or syrup, a nitrous oxide cream charger cylinder can do it at record speed with a pressure regulator. This ground-breaking method extracts flavor more effectively and intensely by pushing the liquid into the pores of the infusing material. By placing the required components in the container of a whipped cream dispenser and injecting them with compressed nitrous oxide gas, you may swiftly catalyze the infusion process in sauces, oils, syrups, or marinades. What usually takes two weeks to complete can be finished in a matter of minutes.

Cream charger cylinder for Marinades 

Using the same technique as above, marination using a nitrous oxide cream charger cylinder greatly lowers marinating time while infusing the dish with superb flavor. As the pressurized nitrous oxide drives the flavors and fragrances into the marinating food, some of the marinades diffuse into the meal, making it more tender, flavorful, and fragrant.

Cream charger cylinder for fantastic whipped cream 

The most common daily use of N2O cream charger cylinders is to produce superior whipped cream. When the food-grade nitrous oxide is released into whipping cream, it combines with the gelatine, lipids, or other stabilizing ingredients, resulting in a frothy texture. Since N2O occurs naturally in our atmosphere, whipped cream can be made by hand. However, making whipped cream with the N2O cream charger cylinder is easier and faster than the traditional method.


The traditional purpose of a nitrous oxide cream charger cylinder is to make fresh whipped cream because it is simple, quick, and tasty. However, there are further advantages to whipping cream using nitrous oxide. For instance, because the gas permeates the cream as a liquid, the cream is aerated more uniformly after being released. The foam is also extremely stable due to its high-fat content. Chefs can regulate the cream’s consistency by using a nitrous oxide cream charger cylinder. The cream can stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to 10 days because of the gas’ preservation properties.

Cream charger cylinder for mousses and desserts

Making the perfect mousse is a difficult task, as anyone who has tried will attest to it. Developing an ideal mousse is a hard act of balance, similar to making great whipped cream, in which you must ensure your peaks are just stiff enough to serve the purpose. Fortunately, a cream charger makes the process a piece of cake. 

Nitrous oxide in the cream charger cylinder, when combined with a thickening agent, can infiltrate materials and then aerate cream chargers when the pressure in the cream dispenser is released. It produces a velvety texture, making it the ideal mouthfeel for both sweet and savory pairings.

Cream charger cylinder for alcoholic cocktails 

N2O cream charger

A wide variety of cocktails find espumars and foams to be visually appealing. The traditional way of making them, which involves shaking egg whites in a shaker, is time-consuming and a little messy. The egg white foam also often lacks flavor and has a bad odor. During busy bar hours or when you have too many guests to serve at your house party, a 580 g cream charger cylinder makes it simple and quick to add aroma, panache, and zing to your alcoholic beverages. You may combine different ingredient mixtures and virtually instantaneously froth them up with a nitrous oxide cream charger cylinder. The light foam is a sneaky flavor explosion that might be sweet, sour, or savory.

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