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What is the Application of Food Grade CO2 Cylinder in Home

Carbon dioxide, also known as CO2, is a colorless, odorless, non-flammable, and slightly acidic liquefied gas. It is sold commercially worldwide under pressure in steel cylinders or bottles called tanks. Food-grade carbon dioxide is often used in cola, beers, etc, to create fresh and bubbly drinks.

What is a CO2 Cylinder?

CO2 Cylinder is a tool for storing carbon dioxide gas, generally used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and other industries.

According to the specifications and models, it can be divided into 4L to 40L. Generally, those below 40L are used more in the food industry.

There are several uses for CO2 cylinders, which are sometimes known as CO2 tanks. The most common uses are carbonated drinks, brewing beer, paintball guns, medical applications, metal production, catering, and fire extinguishing.

Every five years, industrial-use CO2 tanks must undergo hydro-testing. The test date must be written on the canister’s top. If CO2 tanks need to be filled, they must be brought to a hydro-testing facility that is DOT approved. The tank is stamped with the certification number after it has been approved.

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Application of Food-Grade Carbon Dioxide in Beverages and Draft Beer

Carbonated drinks are products filled with carbon dioxide gas under certain conditions, and are a kind of soft drink (non-alcoholic drinks). According to the classification standard of soft drinks, carbonated drinks (soda) can be divided into juice-carbonated drinks, fruit-flavored carbonated drinks, cola-carbonated drinks, low-calorie carbonated drinks, and other carbonated drinks.

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Application of Carbon Dioxide in Food Refrigeration and Freezing

Solid carbon dioxide is called “dry ice”. “Dry ice” is a better refrigerant than ice, it cools to a much lower temperature than ice and can produce a low temperature of -78°C. Moreover, when “dry ice” melts, it does not turn into a liquid like ice. It evaporates directly into low-temperature, dry carbon dioxide gas, so its refrigeration effect is particularly good. “Dry ice” is often used to preserve perishable foods, as dry ice is used to freeze and preserve foods such as fish, meat, fruits, and vegetables. The biggest advantage of dry ice is that it is vaporized, and it will not contaminate the physical object with water. It is used to store quick-frozen food, aviation food, and long- and short-distance refrigerated transportation. However, the cost of freezing and preserving food on dry ice is relatively high, which limits its application range.

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Is It Safe to Have Carbonating Cylinders in My Home and How Should They be Stored?

Home-use CO2 carbonators always come in 2 sizes: 8g CO2 canister and 60L CO2 carbonator. The former is often used with a 500ml soda-making bottle, which is more portable for both home and outdoor use, while the latter one should be used with a 1-liter soda-making machine, which is suitable for home or commercial use due to the larger size.

It’s quite safe to keep CO2 cylinders in your house. They are produced in accordance with strict safety requirements to safeguard our clients, and they are safe at almost any altitude (as our customers in the Swiss Alps can attest to!). If in the unlikely case, the pressure inside the carbonating cylinder climbs over preset levels, a safety valve on our cylinders will release the gas in a safe manner. Always store your CO2 cylinder away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry location. The carbonating cylinder must not be put next to a heat source, such as an oven, stove, or fireplace, or exposed to heat for an extended period of time.

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Where can I Get My CO2 Tank Filled?

Many nearby hardware stores offer refill services for small CO2 cylinders. Stores that sell welding supplies can refill or swap larger cylinders. The ideal option for firms that use a lot of CO2 is to get in touch with a nearby CO2 distributor like Rotass, who will arrange for a vehicle to deliver CO2 cylinders or fill an outdoor tank for you.

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