2024 / 04 / 19

Which Is Better? The Cream Dispenser vs. the Spray Cream

As whipped cream is commonly used decoration for beverages in the new tea drink market, cream dispensers and spray creams have also become the main tools for whipping cream in tea drink stores. This article mainly compares the cream gun and the spray cream for everyone, in order to facilitate everyone to choose the most suitable cream whipping tool.


1. Comparison of storage conditions for cream whipped by the cream dispenser and the spray cream

The whipping method is a spray cream which can be called instant whipped cream. The shelf life of spray cream can be 240 days, 270 days, 6 months, or one year, depending on the brand before opening the spray cream. After opening, you need clean the nozzle after use,  and refrigerate the spray cream at 2-7°C (be careful to avoid freezing). It can be used within the shelf life.

The whipping method is a cream dispenser. The shelf life of cream whipped by a cream dispenser is 24 hours. This whipped cream also needs to be refrigerated.

2. Comparison of the operation process of the cream dispenser and the spray cream

The spray cream is ready to use, and the nozzle is cleaned after use. The cream dispenser needs to pour the required cream and sugar according to the formula and install the nitrous oxide cream charger. Besides, you need to disassemble and clean it after use. In contrast, in the specific operation, the preparation process of the cream dispenser is complicated but easy to operate. In addition, when the cream added to the cream dispenser is controllable, the taste will be more advantageous. It should be noted that nitrous oxide is legally compliant as a food additive in beverage stores.

3. Comparison of spray nozzles for the cream dispenser and the spraying cream

According to the needs of the pattern, the cream dispenser has a variety of nozzles, which can be flexibly replaced. There are two choices: thick and thin. The spray cream is mostly a type of nozzle, which cannot be replaced. In operation, the nozzle for spray cream has two designs: external pressing and vertical pressing. In terms of pressing experience, compared with the external pressing design of the spray cream, the use of the cream dispenser has better operation and control.


4. Cream puffing effect comparison of the cream dispenser and the spray cream

The amount used for 3 and a half rounds of spray cream is about 30g, and the cream dispenser needs about 45g. It can be found that the cream produced by the cream dispenser has high density and weight, and puffing efficiency is more advantageous for spraying cream.

5. Cream collapse speed comparison of the cream dispenser and the spray cream

For example, in a hot drink state, the cream whipped from the cream dispenser can basically maintain its shape for 10 minutes, and the spray cream can maintain its shape for 7-9 minutes. Therefore, the retention effect of the cream dispenser is better in the molding retention time.

6. Cream dispenser and Squirt cream cost comparison

The price of using a cream dispenser is the same as using sprayed cream to whip Anjia cream, which is about 3 yuan. If you replace the lower-priced cream, the cream dispenser is obviously more cost-effective. One advantage of the cream dispenser is that you can replace or adjust the cream recipe, control the price per cup, and adjust product flavor.


A cream dispenser can make the cream taste and stability. The spray cream has a better puffing rate but collapses faster. According to the above comparison, cream dispensers are better than spray cream. If you want to get cream dispensers at factory price, Rotass which is professional in manufacturing cream dispensers is one the good choices.

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