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Why Are N2O Cream Tanks Superior to Cream Chargers?

N2O cream tanks are without a doubt a great solution for caterers in the food business today and in the future. Cartridges for nitrous oxide are most frequently seen as 8-g to 16-gram cylinders. These tiny cream chargers are only capable of charging one cream dispenser at a time. However, once the gas has been released, the party is over and a new cream charger is required. The use of N2O cream tanks to make whipped cream in bulk or any other preparation that can be put in a cream dispenser seems like an appealing idea. A 580g cream tank of nitrous oxide can meet your needs well into the party and is ideal for big occasions. This article will outline five advantages that nitrous oxide cream tanks have over individual cartridges.

More N2O from a Single Cylinder

Nitrous Oxide is present in greater quantities in this N2O cream tank than in conventional cream chargers. assist you in saving cash.

A 580g or 640g N2O tank is a terrific way to cut your commercial costs in half, whether you need to create batches of whipped cream or other mixes like foams, mousses, or sauces. Reliable brands, such as Rotass, that provide this capacity, are ideal for large purchases. In other words, prices go down the more you buy. If you have a business and can show a respectable sales rate, you can even become a distributor.


Less Waste

It outperforms traditional methods of whipping and other current cream chargers due to less waste. The amount of N2O gas released is measured according to personal desire with a pressure regulator.

Logistic Advantages

Purchasing a tank of nitrous oxide is also more profitable for your company from an organizational standpoint because you won’t need to place as many orders and quantities.

Additionally, you won’t need to set aside as much storage space to house countless packs of single nitrous oxide cartridges.

Less frequent ordering also saves money on delivery fees, time spent storing and monitoring the inventory, and labor required to process fresh supplies.


Another critical factor that makes purchasing N2O cream tanks more beneficial than buying single-use small chargers is sustainability for both you as a company and your buyer. Purchasing N2O cream tanks means a severe reduction in waste and a more eco-friendly material option. N2O cream tanks come with less use of stainless steel.

The decision to purchase in bulk

As a result of companies like Rotass, nitrous oxide tanks are now even less expensive for consumers to purchase in bulk.

Not only is this a less expensive choice, but it also offers up wholesale options for both large and small enterprises.

That example, by purchasing N2O cream tanks in bulk, you can use a portion of the inventory to serve your catering business and the remaining to trade

The simplicity of using nitrous oxide tanks

Finally, nitrous oxide tanks are often more convenient to use than individual cream charger pills.

For starters, a nitrous oxide tank allows you to control the amount of gas produced in a single burst.

With this function, you can charge a siphon considerably more quickly because you won’t have to wait while you remove the first capsule and insert the next one. A tank of nitrous oxide also lessens the loss of extra gas.

After the siphon has been charged with one cylinder, you may add a second 8-gram cylinder, even if you just require a few more grams. If the extra gas does not fit into the siphon any longer, it will simply be wasted.

On the other hand, a tank of nitrous oxide prevents such issues by allowing you total control over your use.


Where to buy N2O cream tanks?

N2O cream charger tanks are available from Rotass, one of the most well-known companies in China that makes nitrous oxide cream tanks.

Our N2O cream charger tanks are made using only the best materials. The tanks are composed entirely of food-grade stainless steel of the highest caliber.

Our nitrous oxide cream tanks come in a variety of sizes, allowing you to find the perfect one for your needs.

We provide nitrous oxide cream canisters in sizes 580 g, 615 g, 640 g, 1364 g, and 2000 g that are ideal for use in whipped cream dispensers. Additionally, our cylinders work with all popular brands of whipped cream dispensers.

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