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5 Items You Should Know about the Cream Charger

Cream charger, also known as siphon bottle, is widely used in decorating and flavoring beverages and desserts. Put the liquid in the bottle, push the air bomb, and inflate the hot and cold drink. The use of cream chargers is not limited to making cream frosting. Because of the different properties of the liquid, through the cream charger, the liquid can be transformed into a foam, paste, cream, or mousse. As a dessert artifact made by restaurant workers, the Cream charger can create many exciting combinations, wonderful flavors, and rich textures. 

Cream Charger

The Origin of the Cream Charger

When it comes to the cream charger, you immediately think of it as whipped cream, in addition to light sauces, airy foams, and fine lotions. Today, more and more creamy chargers have found their way into the kitchens of top chefs and other professionals, who now use them to achieve a variety of textures and culinary sensations, fine, hot or cold, salty or sweet. It is the father of molecular gastronomy, the great Ferran Adria, who used this tool to create the first super light fruit and vegetable mousse 16 years ago. This revolutionary idea has conquered all professionals…and food lovers. The Cream Charger allows you to make the famous “espumas” (Catalan for “foam”), which have been a huge success in the gastronomic world. Thanks to this artifact, any basic liquid material, be it aromatic, tangy, or mixed, can be transformed into a culinary apotheosis.

Cream Charger

How does the Cream Charger work?

This tool consists of a double-walled stainless steel dispenser, a screw cap, a nozzle, and a handle, and works with a nitrogen dioxide cartridge to pressurize a liquid with high-pressure gas that foams as it is released from the valve.

How to Use a Cream Charger?

Firstly, In order to make a delicious dessert, the ingredients must be fine enough, mixed well and evenly, without particles, skins, etc. When the material is ready, pour the liquid into the bottle (up to halfway, you need the space for the gas), then screw on the gas cylinder, screw the gas for the bomb from the air inlet, and shake vigorously. The gas is mixed with the formulation so that it is filled with air. Then put the cream charger upside down in the refrigerator. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the finished product, it is best to refrigerate for more than 8 hours. Shake vigorously again before use, then gently manipulate the handle to allow the “foam” to drain well.

Applications of the Cream Charger

In the culinary realm, a variety of light sauce foams, savory mousse creams, and more can be created.

In the dessert sector, whipped cream, light mousses, airy fruit purees, various flavored foams, and microwave sponge cakes can be created.

Because the product of the cream charger does not maintain an airy state for a long time, this type of operation is mainly used for dine-in dishes or desserts such as plates and cups.

Applications of the Cream Charger

Classification of Cream Charger

There are three types:

  • Soda siphon bottle for sparkling water and cocktails.
  • Standard Cream Charger for cream, mousse, foam, etc.
  • Double-wall insulation foam guns are designed for hot and cold preparations, mainly for cooking dishes.

These different varieties come in different sizes: 8g cream charger and 580g/615g Cream Charger. The 580g cream charger is a good choice for home use.

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