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Best Cream Charger Manufacturer – Bring Nice Taste Experience

What is cream charger gas?

By chemical reaction, cream charger gas is produced. When a considerable amount of cream-aerated gas is dissolved in water, the water is chilled, resulting in the formation of gas crystals. When the crystal is heated, the cream charger gas escapes.

Why Rotass is the best cream charger manufacturer?

Rotass, a producer of N2O cream chargers, aims to offer simple-to-use and cutting-edge solutions for the catering sector. We strive to make your cooking experience as pleasant as possible by maintaining and increasing our high-quality standards.

Due to their extensive workloads, professional cooks and caterers may experience high levels of stress. Our goal is to alleviate some of their stress by supporting them with our freshly produced solution. Whipping up the cream with Rotass N2O cream chargers will convert it from an unpleasant, time-consuming job to having your sweets ready in the blink of an eye. Making this new cream charger method available to everyone is something we feel is our responsibility.


We possess the most cutting-edge machinery in the world; our monthly production of 8g cream charger, and 580g cream charger fills more than 30 cabinets, and the product’s purity can exceed 99.9%.

A single-source manufacturer Regarding your preferred whip cream chargers

As the N2O cream chargers’ leading manufacturer, Rotass ships these N2O cylinders to both enterprises and private customers.

We deliver throughout the United States and other countries and strive for a seamless purchasing and delivery experience; our headquarters are in China. We can ship whip cream charges from our headquarters in the United States. We are able to provide cream charger products at the most competitive market prices because of the enormous variety of products we carry.

When Compared To Regular Cream Charger Cartridges, Our Special Cylinders Provide You With:

Depending on the whip cream charger you choose, a complete cylinder can carry more than 80 conventional single cartridges. When compared to conventional A-brand single chargers, this can easily help you save up to 50% on prices.

When compared to solo cartridges, whip cream chargers can cut the time it takes to restock a cream dispenser by a factor of two while also reducing the amount of metal waste by 20%. Spend the least amount of time possible getting the equipment ready while making the most beautiful preparations.

Benefits of the Rotass Cream Charger

• Compatible with all common whipped cream dispensers.

• Constructed entirely of 100% recyclable high-quality steel.

• Contains only food-grade nitrous oxide gas that is completely pure.

How can these cream canisters create the most delectable whipped cream?

It only takes a few minutes to transform using a whipped cream dispenser and a rotass cream charger, along with some powdered sugar to taste. Just carry out these simple measures.


1. Take off the dispenser’s head, add the amount of whipped cream necessary for its size, along with any additional sweetener or powdered sugar you choose, and put it back on.

2. Find the cartridge holder and remove the screw. Insert your chosen cream charger, round end first, enabling the charger’s tip to be pierced as you screw the holder back on.

3. Three shakes of the cream dispenser will help the N2O permeate the mixture. Don’t shake too much.

4. Invert the cream dispenser and push the handle to easily realize your whipped cream fantasies!

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