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What Is the Best Sparkling Water Maker to Buy?

As for sparkling water makers, there are many brands. To help you buy the best sparkling water maker, this article will introduce you to one of the best sparkling water machines from Rotass.

What’s the working principle of a soda water machine?

To add carbonation to a drink, soda water makers use a canister of compressed carbon dioxide. The gas is sent via a soda water maker and finally into a sealed bottle of water. Because it reduces the number of plastic bottles you carry home from the shop and then recycles after a single use, manufacturing soda water at home is an excellent alternative to purchasing a soda water maker. Besides, you will undoubtedly spend less money because the soda water maker’s bottles, which are supplied by the majority of soda water maker manufacturers, are recyclable. The soda water maker and the CO2 canisters are available from Rotass or other websites.


What you can get to buy the best sparking water maker from Rotass?

When you buy the best sparkling water machine from Rotass, you can choose a color such as red, white, or black. Besides, 1 sparkling water machine and 1-liter water bottle. If you need the CO2 canister, you also can get one here at a low price.

What are the differences and advantages between Rotass best sparkling water maker and other brands of soda machines?

The Rotass best-carbonated water maker has the patent certificate of the Chinese government and has passed the tests of the CE, REACH FDA, and FSSC22000. It has a unique automatic balance pressure relief system and an automatic cylinder lock function. At the same time, the explosion-proof and pressure-resistant PET bottle can ensure safe use. This product is sold all over the world.

FAQ about the best sparkling water maker

【1】Do you use electricity? Does it consume a lot of power?

Answer: It doesn’t use electricity. You can carbonate the water by clicking the top button to release the CO2 into the pure water.

【2】Q: Where can you buy the co2 cylinders when you run out?

Answer: When the CO2 cylinder is used up, you can buy it directly at  Rotass.

【3】Question: How many cups of water can one CO2 cylinder make?

Answer: One CO2 cylinder can make 60 liters of sparkling water.

【4】Question: Which is higher than the gas content and soda water in cans?

A: Fresh, with higher air content and lower cost.

【5】Q: How much does it cost to make a glass of Soda sparkle sparkling water?

Answer: A can of soda water costs at least 3 yuan, and soda water contains sodium. Excessive intake of sodium will seriously affect your health. Just as you know that salt also contains sodium, everyone advocates eating less salt now. reason. A similar volume of sodium-free, healthier best sparkling water maker costs less than one yuan to make, and it is fresh and has a higher gas content.

【6】Q: Are co2 cylinder dangerous?

The CO2 cylinder imported from Rotass has passed the test of TUV, which is the largest product safety and quality certification organization in Germany and a testing organization recognized by the German government and has passed the test of China’s State Quality Supervision Bureau. Imported by customs, there is no danger, just store it at room temperature and avoid light. 8g/29.9g. Gas content: 8g/L, about 2.6 times that of other similar sparkling drinks (the gas content of national standard cola is 3g/L)

【10】Q: Will the bottle explode?

Answer: No. First of all, the bottle can withstand ≤ 15 bar pressure (equivalent to 15 kg of heavy objects squeezed), and our best sparkling water machine is equipped with an automatic pressure relief valve, which can automatically balance the pressure in the bottle, and it will not explode, which is very safe.

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