E942 Food-Grade

99.95% Purity

A to Z Production

Recyclable Canister

No Residue

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Hassle-Free Distribution

Directly ship from our warehouses for swift product access and rapid turnover.

Direct from Factory

Sourcing direct from our factory ensures top-notch quality control and full product traceability for premium assurance.

Deliver Quality Cream Chargers More than Expected

Local fast delivery from our warehouses in
USA, Germany, and Australia.
Reach out for a sample, a dedicated sales manager, and a personalized solution.


Our commitment to quality and sustainability makes us the reliable gas choice for cream chargers, and able to cater to diverse markets.

Mr. Hanak

United States

Great company to work with Tony is an amazing rep! I appreciate you guys and hope to do more business in the future.

Mr. Jone

New Zealand

This company is great to deal with! They are very professional, friendly and their communication on all matters was exceptional. We were provided with regular updates and photos to ensure we knew how the order was progressing at each stage. The product quality was the best we have come across and they listened to all our requirements and concerns, ensuring that we received exactly what we wanted. Having had issues with previous suppliers, we were very up-front about some of the things we wanted to improve with our packaging. They went above and beyond to make sure that these amendments were made!

Mr. Hampson

United States

The factory makes one of the best 8g chargers for the food industry. The product quality is loved by all our regular customers. Their sales team’s service is also great. I am looking forward to trying out their 580g chargers.

Rotass Recipes

Black Tea Special Tuning

Creamy Pearly Cold Brew

8g Soda Chargers Carbonation

Bubble Americano

News & Blogs

Whipped Cream Chargers Wholesale: Who Can Benefit?

The humble whipped cream charger, that small metal canister filled with nitrous oxide (N2O), is a culinary workhorse. Beyond creating the light and fluffy topping we all know and love, these chargers are a versatile tool used in professional kitchens and home baking alike. But for those who use whipped cream chargers frequently, the question arises: is buying them in bulk, also known as wholesale, the right option?


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