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Which Equipment Is Better for Whipping Cream? Cream Dispenser Recommended

In the tea industry, cream topping appears frequently in all milk tea products. Cream topping can make all kinds of tea more beautiful and taste more delicate. So how do you make the cream topping that “puts the finishing touch” on a drink? A cream dispenser will be the top choice for you. This article will tell you a comparison between a cream dispenser and other four methods to make cream topping and tips for making cream topping.


A Comparison between the Cream dispenser and the Other Four Methods

Here are five methods to make cream topping. The first is using the cream dispenser. The other methods are piping bags, spray cream, cream machine, and chef machine. The comparison of them are in the following:

Cream dispenser VS piping bag

VSCream DispenserPiping Bag
CostThe cost is slightly higher, and the cream charger is recyclable.It is low-cost and reusable.
Foaming methodThe cream charger release air pressure. It needs egg beater whipped cream.
Production ProcessFewer appliances and less time required It needs more equipment and takes a longer time.
Squeezing ProcessThe fancy cream topping made by the cream dispenser is single but it is easy to use.The fancy cream topping is changeable and can be flexible control.

This method of piping bag requires the use of an egg beater. There are many types of raw materials and utensils used. Observe the state of beating with the naked eye, and adjust the speed of the egg beater in stages. It is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the failure rate is high.

When you use a cream dispenser to whip cream, you need to use a cream charger too. The standardization of the whipping process is controllable, which enhances the quality, flavor, and taste of the cream. Although the cream dispenser is simple to whip cream, the requirements for store equipment and personnel operations are relatively high and complex. Thus, you need to read the instruction for the cream dispenser or watch the precaution video of the cream dispenser. More importantly, the cream charger needed for the cream dispenser can be purchased online. Therefore, the cream dispenser is the top choice to make cream topping.


A Cream dispenser VS the other four methods

Cream DispenserUsing the principle that nitrous oxide gas can make cream foam under high pressure.The main cost is whipped cream, cream gun, and nitrous oxide cream chargers.The cream whipper is easy to operate and can meet the needs of different formulations. It is flexible and more cost-effective. It can make the cream dry and soft and refreshing. Also, the cream dispenser is not easily damaged.The whipping effect of the cream dispenser requires the operator to have a certain skill.
Spray Creamspray cream and cream dispensers work on the same principle, but at the factory, the whipped cream is charged into the tank at the same time as nitrous oxide gas.It costs more than a cream dispenserThe operation is convenient. The degree of standardization is high, and the storage time is long.The cream formula is fixed. The color and taste cannot be adjusted, and it is difficult to meet the richness needs of the store.
Cream MachineThe cream machine is mainly based on the principle of refrigeration cylinder and puffing, which is similar to the effect of producing ice cream.The cost is the highest, and a cream machine exceeds 10,000 yuan.The operation is convenient. The production is stable, and the peak production demand is met.The one-time investment cost is high., The cleaning is complicated, and equipment maintenance is required.
Chef MachineChef machines are commonly used equipment in bakeries. It spins at high speed to roll air micro-bubbles into the whipped cream and squeeze out the cream with a piping bag.It is the lowest cost.There are many styles of piping nozzles so you can do different shapes.Compared with the traditional way of whipping cream, the operation requirements are higher. It is easy to over or insufficiently whip, and there is a food safety risk.

In general, the high flexibility, low cost, and better taste of the cream dispenser in the formula are the mainstream choice of the current beverage store.

The cream dispenser allows you to easily make smooth and non-greasy cream, and leisurely enjoy the creamy fragrance of the royal aristocratic atmosphere. You can also make snacks, decorate cakes, ice creams, sundaes, etc., adding more beauty and taste! You can’t use it all at once, you can put it in the refrigerator and use it repeatedly without wasting it!


2 Tips to Make Snow Tops with the Cream Dispenser

Do you have any recommendations for a good whipping ratio?

If you use a cream dispenser, add 350-400ml of cream to a 500ml cream dispenser. Besides, choose 8g cream chargers, which is a suitable ratio.

How to meet peak production demand?

If the store uses a cream dispenser, the only thing you can do is add a few more. In the tea Yanyuese, which is mainly based on cream top products, a store usually has 5 to 6 cream dispensers. Besides, more than 10 cream dispensers are used to meet the production needs. Starbucks also has more than a dozen cream dispensers.

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