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Food Grade Nitrous Oxide Tank -What Is Different?

Nitrous Oxide Tank is popularly used in various fields so they can be divided into different types. This article will introduce you to the definition of nitrous oxide tank, their types of them, and the difference among nitrous oxide tanks.


What is a Nitrous Oxide Tank?

Nitrous oxide, sometimes known as laughing gas, is a colorless, non-flammable gas with a mildly sweet flavor and aroma. This is not a naturally occurring gas, but rather one that has been created. The gas is often stored as a pressurized liquid in gas canisters and tanks known as nitrous oxide tanks.

When gas is evacuated from a cylinder or tank, it expands to form nitrous oxide. The N2O being discharged from a canister can produce severe freeze burns if it comes into direct contact with the skin.

What are the types of Nitrous Oxide Tanks?

As you know, there are applications of nitrous oxide in food, medicine, semiconductor, and so on. Based on the applications of nitrous oxide, nitrous oxide can be divided into food-grade nitrous oxide, medical-grade nitrous oxide, industrial-grade nitrous oxide, and electronic-grade nitrous oxide. Thus, the nitrous oxide tank can be divided into food-grade nitrous oxide tanks, medical-grade nitrous oxide tank, industrial-grade nitrous oxide tank, and electronic-grade nitrous oxide tanks.

Whats the Difference between Different Nitrous Oxide Tanks?

According to the above introduction of Nitrous Oxide Tank Types, you could find the same features of these nitrous oxide tanks. Both of them are filled with Nitrous Oxide and are stored in gas canisters and tanks. But there is some difference among these nitrous oxide tanks.

The Overview of Different Nitrous Oxide Tanks

Nitrous Oxide Tank ComparisonFood Grade Nitrous Oxide TankMedical Nitrous Oxide TankElectronic Grade Nitrous Oxide TankIndustrial Grade Nitrous Oxide Tank
ApplicationFood & drink industryMedical industryElectronic markets such as semiconductors, microchip, LED, etc Industrial markets such as astronauts & race cars
Purity99.9%~99.95%99.9% and above99.999% and aboveLees pure (98%)
Where to GetFood Grade Nitrous Oxide Tank Manufacturers like RotassSpecialty gas factorySpecialty gas factories such as Tonghui GasSpecialty gas factory

The Detail Introduction of the Different Nitrous Oxide Tanks

The food-grade nitrous oxide tank is an N2O cylinder that is utilized in the food sector and so has the appropriate quality. This is due to the refined nature and 99.9% purity level of this food-grade nitrous oxide tank.

In order to whip cream, N2O is the best medium. Nitrous oxide is simple to utilize and has little to no impact on food flavor. As E942, laughing gas is a permitted food additive. Thus, food-grade nitrous oxide can come into close touch with food products while also containing additives. Besides, you can call the food-grade nitrous oxide tank a cream charger.

Risks and Safety Measures to Utilize Whipped Cream Chargers 2

The medical-grade nitrous oxide tank is manufactured for usage in the medical field. Doctors – traditionally dentists – utilize medical-grade nitrous gas as a conscious sedative to help manage patients’ pain and anxiety during minor surgical operations, as it was designed. Medical-grade nitrous gas, as opposed to food-grade nitrous oxide, is inhaled by patients in conjunction with oxygen. The medical-grade substance is free of any binders, fillers, and other types of contamination. It is precision-engineered to suit pharmaceutical production standards and is also exceedingly pure.

The electronic-grade nitrous oxide tank is a high-purity nitrous oxide tank mainly used in processes such as oxidation and chemical vapor deposition (CVD deposition of silicon nitride) in semiconductor, LCD, and OLED manufacturing processes. As the market demand for semiconductor chips and LCD panels increases, the amount of nitrous oxide, an important gas material, will also increase year by year.

The industrial-grade nitrous oxide tank is mainly employed in the industrial industry. This kind of nitrous oxide (N2O) is less pure. Impure gas is another name for it, and as a result, this variety is likewise less expensive. Gas has a degree of purity. Technical nitrous oxide has a 98% purity level. Using nitrous oxide as an oxidizer, for example, may launch a rocket into space. In race vehicles, it is utilized to increase the engine’s power.

Rotass Food Grade Nitrous Oxide Tank

Rotass’ food-grade nitrous oxide tank is the most common type of nitrous oxide tank on the market. A complete system with 580g/615g of food-grade nitrous oxide is frequently delivered as a liquid in single-use cartridges of 8 grams. The nitrous oxide tank serves as a propellant in the production of whipped cream, gourmet foams, delicate sauces, marinades, and unique cocktails. As a manufacturer of food-grade nitrous oxide cream chargers for the food and beverage industries, we have observed an increase in demand for food-grade nitrous oxide as chefs and baristas become bold in their approach.


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