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How to Use and Clean the Whip Cream Whipper Correctly?

As a beginner using a whip cream whipper, you must want to know how to use and clean the whip cream whipper correctly. This article will be helpful for you.


How to use the whip cream whipper correctly?

Step 1: Pour ice fresh cream into the whip cream whipper

You need to add about 300ML-500ML of fresh cream. The specifications of different brands of whip cream whippers are different. At most, it should not exceed the scale line on the bottle. The scale line of the Rotass whip cream whipper is 250ML, 500ML, and 1000ML.

Step 2: N2O cream charger installation

The N2O cream charger is put into the sleeve, and there is a pinhole at the junction. Besides, the pressure in the N2O cream charger is injected into the whip cream whipper through the needle, which is easy and safe to operate. To use a larger size n2o canister you need a pressure regulator for accurate gas release.

Step 3: Piping tip installation

It connects to the mounting nozzle, which is simple and easy to install.

Step 4: Shake the whip cream whipper up and down

Shake the foaming cream whipper up and down about 30 times, and turn the cream whipper upside down. Shake it again about 30 times, and hear the sound of the cream and foaming agent fused in the whip cream whipper. Usually, you can put the cream dispenser in the refrigerator and chill it for about 30 minutes for a better taste.

Step 5: Press the handle of the whip cream whipper

The tip of the whip cream whipper is facing down, and the piping mouth is along the inner wall of the cup. Press the handle, and the formed fancy cream will come out.

How to clean the whip cream whipper correctly?

Step 1: Before cleaning, release the residual gas in the bottle before unloading.

Step 2: Remove the N2O cream charger and the piping nozzle, and finally unscrew the top cover of the whip cream whipper.

Step 3: After the disassembly is completed, the residual cream on the bottle body can be cleaned first. And then the whip cream whipper can be rinsed with warm water at about 40-50°C for a second time so that the residue can be melted into the water and poured out.

Step 4: When cleaning the top cover of the whip cream whipper, there is a rubber sealing ring inside, so it is not suitable to wash it with boiling water or high water temperature. Otherwise, the deformation of the rubber ring will affect the sealing performance of the whip cream whipper, resulting in leakage.

Step 5: The decorating tip of the whip cream whipper is easy to accumulate cream, so it needs to be cleaned with a cleaning brush.

Step 6: After cleaning the whip cream whipper, you need to wait for the water inside to dry before you can use it again.


Recommend products -Rotass whip cream whippers

The Rotass cream whipper with 3 piping tips is suitable for home and commercial use. Making premium whipping creams, desserts and sauces is faster and easier than ever before. With the Rotass whip cream whipper, it’s just a touch of a button and you’re done. Just add whipped cream, and icing sugar to taste, fill the N2O cream charger, shake the whip cream whipper and you’re ready to enjoy delicious whipped cream. The fluffy cream is kept for two weeks in the refrigerator without preservatives or stabilizers. The nitrous oxide whipped cream dispenser uses standard 8g cream chargers and provides 3 piping tips. Aluminum or stainless body and plastic or stainless head designs are more fashionable and beautiful.

Product Name: Rotass Stainless Steel 500ml Whipped Cream Dispenser

  1. Capacity: 250ML, 500ML, 1000ML
  2. Color: Grey, Pink, Sky blue, green, purple, yellow, red, blue, silver, white, black
  3. Material: aluminum alloy/stainless body, plastic/stainless lid, and plastic/stainless nozzle
  4. Suitable use: suitable for hot and cold use
  5. Suitable places: It is an excellent choice for restaurants, ice cream shops, coffee shops, bars, and bakeries
  6. Accessories: 3 mounting nozzles, 1 cleaning brush, cream charger stand, and instructions

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